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Interview with Aaron Keylock

Interview by Peter Coates
19 year old Blues sensation from the UK, Aaron Keylock, has just released his first album, ‘Cut Against The Grain’ (Jan 17, 2017)… I had a chat with him about the record, his background, and his music. He’s toured extensively with some quality blues and southern rock bands over the past 3 or 4 years, and has also played the Bloodstock and Download festivals, and the Ramblin’ Man Fair.
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Interview with Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

Interview by Meghan Player

Unwritten Law are in Australia for their ‘Elva’ 15th Anniversary tour (December 2016). We caught up with the Scott Russo (vocals) for a chat…

You’re no stranger to Australian shores – what are you looking forward to most about coming back?

We love Australia! I’m a beach kid, I grew up on the beach, so I wanna be close to the beach. If there’s surfing and we are close to the beach, it’s perfect. So for me, Australia is perfect!
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Interview with Joel “MC Bad Genius” Beeson of Philadelphia Grand Jury

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Currently on their national “karaoke” tour, we caught up with Joel “MC Bad Genius” Beeson of Sydney outfit Philadelphia Grand Jury for a quick chat.

You’re currently on a national “karaoke” tour. What inspired the “karaoke” theme?

A bolt of inspiration from Dan W Sweat at 2am during a skype call with Berkfinger that somehow went from being a funny joke to an actual concept within about two sentences. As soon as one of us said “So You Think You Can Philly Jays?”, we realised that it was going to be perfect. And perfectly chaotic.
Like all of our best ideas.

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Q&A with Tom Bloomfield – WAAX

With a reputation for delivering blistering live performances and their latest EP ‘Holy Sick’ in tow, WAAX will be hitting the stage at the 2016 ‘The Blurst Of Times” Festival. We caught up with WAAX drummer Tom Bloomfield for a chat.

First of all, congratulations on the release of your 2015 EP ‘Holy Sick’.


‘Holy Sick’ has been extremely well received. Do you enjoy the writing/recording process or prefer touring and playing live shows?

That’s a toughy, I think we love them both for different reasons, playing live probably has our collective heart though.
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Q&A with Anna of Major Leagues

major leagues
Brisbane indie-pop four-piece Major Leagues are set to release their new EP ‘Dream States’ in April 2016, and there’s talk of their own EP launch tour happening soon after.

Watch Major Leagues – Better Off here…

Anna took time out for LifeMusicMedia…

:: What track changed your life ::

‘Torn’- Natalie Imbruglia

:: What is your favourite Album ::

I have lots of favourites. One is ‘Last Splash’ by the Breeders
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Interview with Cherie Currie

Interview by Eve Mayzes

On Monday I sat down to speak with one of my favourite musicians of all time, and I’m not too proud to admit, I was extremely nervous. While she may refer to herself as “…just a chainsaw carver from the San Fernando Valley…”, the rest of the world know Cherie Currie as the fifteen-year-old singer who revolutionised the music industry and redefined women’s role in rock. As the front woman of the world’s first ever all girl rock band, playing alongside Joan Jett to make music history, Currie’s life sounds like something Hollywood would dream up; and the rock and roll powerhouse isn’t finished redefining music yet.
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Interview with Christian ‘Twiggy’ Carter of Balloons Kill Babies

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Progressive instrumental rockers Balloons Kill Babies are hitting the stage with Anathema in Brisbane this month (October 29, 2015). We caught up with Christian ‘Twiggy’ Carter, guitarist for Balloons Kill Babies, for a chat.

You’re about to play a one-off acoustic show with Anathema in Brisbane?
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Q&A with Deena

Only three years into songwriting and performing Deena has certainly hit the ground running with two albums already under her belt ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Black Cat’ as well as a national tour, a string of festivals dates and played shows in the USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan.

To celebrate the release of her latest single ‘Turpentine’ DEENA is setting off on a national tour… details below.
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Interview with James Brown of Pulled Apart by Horses

Pulled Apart by Horses are heading to Australia in October for a string of headline East Coast shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We caught up with the band’s lead guitarist James Brown for a chat.
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Interview with Leo Sayer

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Photo Credit Maria de Vera

Leo Sayer @ Beats 4 Breast Cancer

Firstly, congratulations on the release of your new album – Restless Years.
This is your first album in six years. How was the recording process, the people involved and seeing the release of the album?

Oh, well I met Mitch Cairns, Danny Spencer and Johnny Salerno on the Good Times tour last year. They were the backing band and I loved their feel so I asked them to be my studio band. Bill Risby already was my keyboard player, and was on the tour as well, so together they became the recording band. I already had demos I’d made of all the songs so we got together at Mitch’s studio in Melbourne after the tour last winter and put the basic album together. Then we did overdubs there and vocals and backing vocals at my own studio in Sydney. It was a pretty painless operation really (one of the easiest albums I’ve ever recorded) thanks to the talent of all the great singers and musicians I was working with. Now these guys are my live band too.
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