5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rockefeller Frequency

Brisbane-based band The Rockefeller Frequency create energetic indie-rock music fueled by anxiety, loud guitars, and an uneasy sense of pending doom. We asked The Rockefeller Frequency to share 5 things about themselves that we didn’t know.

1. Our origin story is that we all grew up in Lismore, NSW, the home of Grinspoon. We actually considered that as our debut album title, i.e. we considered “Lismore”, not “The home of Grinspoon”. That would just be weird and confusing. We settled on “Chemicals”, which is much better than either of those titles, don’t you think?

2. Our singer Josh used to be a big conspiracy theorist. Our band name, and heaps of the early lyrics were all inspired by late-night, sleep-deprived deep-dives into the endless rabbit holes of internet conspiracy theory content. He’s since replaced this activity with a much healthier option of endlessly scrolling through sponsored ads on social media.

3. We produce and record all of our songs in a full punk-rock DIY style. When we first started recording our own material we built makeshift vocal booths out of common household furniture. We have since progressed to building our own recording studio and putting all the furniture back in its right place.

4. We took a legitimate hiatus for a few years. After slogging it out, playing gigs with Birds of Tokyo, Calling All Cars, and a tonne of other bands, we decided to take a break, to allow our inner caterpillars to become butterflies. It paid off. We are now fully formed rock n roll butterflies, or something like that. Actually, maybe we are moths…

5. We love Aussie music, especially good local bands like Violent Soho, Faux Bandit, Waax, Glasshouse and Jaguar Jonze. The Aussie music is so vibrant and alive at the moment and it’s such a great time to be dipping our toes back into the murky waters, to see what happens.

April 9, 2020 – Vinnie’s Dive Bar – Gold Coast, QLD
May 21, 2020 – Crowbar – Brisbane, QLD

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