5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jess Spahr

With the release of her new single ‘The Art Of Leaving’, we asked Jess Spahr to share 5 things about herself that we didn’t know.

No 1 – I am actually extremely petrified of FISH especially gold fish; I also am extremely petrified of Lizards, they give me worst nightmares.

A lizard came into our house the other week and I threw up in the sink looking at it- bloody thing lost its tail, still makes my stomach turn thinking about it.

No 2 – I run my own music studio in Sydney and it has been a major success and is stilling running after 10 years.

It brightens my day seeing all the little kiddies coming in an enjoying music; It is an awesome contrast to performing and making music.

No 3 – I HATE MANGOES AND MANDARINS – I don’t mind the nectar, but put that fruit in front of me I run for the hills.

No 4 –  I have a massive weak spot for Irish and Scottish Accents. I can pick those accents from a mile away and I usually dive bomb these poor people and ask them a million questions about their lives.

No 5 – Cate Blanchett touched my on the shoulder in Sydney Airport. I fainted !!!

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