5 Things You Didn’t Know About Grasshole

GRASSHOLE – one of the hardest working bands in Australia – release title track for second album WILDFIRE. We asked GRASSHOLE to share 5 things about themselves that we didn’t know.

1. Grasshole was originally a song written in an old band by Karis. The name that keeps awn giving

2. We don’t remember the recording of “The Unification Proclamation” EP – 7 days of nonstop hongas and lattes

3. We often wonder what going through customs in the USA will be like one day… and what answer we will give them when they ask for the band name… *out comes the rubber gloves*

4. Rick supported ACDC back in the day, now he plays with us, the poor bastard

5. The band name Grasshole became an irony we couldn’t escape. Aside from a cheeky jootsa here and there, we are all mostly pictures of health these days. Love a frothy though.

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