5 things you didn’t know about Stu Larsen

Having recently released his new single Whisky & Blankets (stream below), we asked singer songwriter and self-proclaimed vagabond Stu Larsen to share 5 things about himself that we didn’t know.

  • I was literally the shyest kid you would have ever met.. I spent many years being afraid to answer the phone and I would always go and hide in my room if someone was knocking at the front door.. it wasn’t very fun but I somehow found a way through this very awkward phase..
  • People around the world often have no idea where I am from.. most people seem to think I’m from Sweden and I’ve been promoted as Norwegian and Danish in the past.. but I am definitely Australian and grew up in a farming community near the tiny Queensland town of Bowenville (which people around the world and also in Australia mostly have never heard of..)
  • I was once very close to death in the jaws of a black jaguar while an armed security guard pointed his gun at me on the street outside an insane party in Mexico City.. it’s a long story and I’ll tell you about it someday maybe…
  • This is an insane statistic that is hard for even me to comprehend, but over the last twelve years on the road I have averaged less than three days in each place.. The longest I have stayed in one place has only been to record albums along the way..
  • I’ve set a life-long goal to visit as many countries as I am years old.. so far so good.. I’m currently a little ahead of schedule..