5 Things you may not know about Liam Morton

We caught up with Liam Morton for the release of his second single ‘Sunny Afternoon’. Here are 5 things you may not know about him.

1. I like to busk without shoes. On average a shoe-less busker earns $8-10 an hour more than one wearing feet protection. 

2. Some musicians aspire to have millions of streams on Spotify, others want to headline 

Splendour in the Grass. My main musical ambition is to be a fat old man with a stomach large enough to rest my guitar on, offsetting the need for a guitar strap. In this version of the future I will exclusively play jazz music, drink cocktails and survive on deli meat. 

3. I’ve spent a lot of time in the outback, and once almost entered a boxing match with a kangaroo. 

4. I’ve got a recurring dream where I play in the Australian mens cricket team. The pinnacle of my cricketing career was making the B team in grade 5, but a boy can dream. 

5. My mum, dad and four younger sisters mean a lot to me. Music is cool, but family is everything. 

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‘Sunny Afternoon’ is the second single from Brisbane artist Liam Morton.