5 Things you might not know about Rude Rum

1.       We love plants

So the whole band is basically vegan! We’ve all been vegetarian for years, and have been slowly phasing towards full vegan. This wasn’t planned by the way haha we just all happened to have that outlook on our diets! Works a treat on tour cause shopping is cheap and we can all eat the same stuff.

2.       We are all Coastal Kids… YeeeW! 

We’re a Brisbane band, but we actually all came from the NSW North Coast! Jaeden from Lismore and India and Van from Coffs Harbour… India and Van actually grew up together throughout primary school which is a nice background story for when we all re-grouped in Brisbane.

We all have that shared story of going coast to city to pursue our music careers and when we tour we like to go back to our roots and put on shows at our home towns.

3.       The Scrambled Tofu Addiction

Jaeden basically got us addicted to Scrambled Tofu on our last tour… Most mornings we had that stuff
He bases his one off a “Smith and Daughters” recipe (they’re an awesome Vegan restaurant in Melbourne and Jaeden owns a copy of their first cookbook).
Basically imagine vegan scrambled eggs… But it tastes so much better and it’s completely plant based! A good way to start the day full of gigging and busking.

4.       The Smokey Apartment Situation

So our first night in Melbourne… After driving all that way from Sydney along the Hume we wanted to have a nice lil home cooked meal and it was Van’s time to shine. We can’t actually remember what he was cooking, but we were in this Air BNB and obviously whoever stayed last spilt food in the oven and didn’t clean it up… So during our cook up we got the oven going nice and hot, and unaware of the uncleaned oven it just started smoking the whole place up.

We freaked out for sure, cause we didn’t want the whole building to be evacuated and we just wanted to have a chill night so out came whatever fans we had in the apartment, every window open, and every band member with a tea towel fanning the smoke away helicopter style from the fire alarm. A lovely, relaxing first night hahah

5.       Our Fight with the Decibel Meter

Anyone at our North Coast show would have noticed we kept losing power… Basically the venue had a decibel meter, and if we went over a certain level the stage would lose power for a few seconds.

We lost power about 8 times hahahaha
We played pretty hard that night cause we had heaps of hometown friends at the show and we put on the best show we could for sure and wore it like a badge of honour haha
Apparently it was one of the best Thursday night trades people have seen and we definitely want to be back! 

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