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Soundwave 2011 – Brisbane [Live Review]

Soundwave 2011; A culmination of metal bands from around the globe unite and embark on a tour to end all others as the sun sets on Australia’s summer festival season. One year on, Soundwave organisers have again outdone themselves arranging all aspects of such a high scaled event to ensure all are satisfied with the days experience.

Situated once more at Brisbane’s RNA showgrounds the venue area this year is enlarged as additional stages have been added. There are 8 in total this season allowing for a very broad ranging choice in bands available to be viewed at any given time of day.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 3]


Winston McCallLMM – I also wanted to talk about the different producers on your last two albums and their contribution to the finished sound on both releases. What was the best thing about working with Adam Dutkiewicz on Horizons?

WM – With Adam?
LMM – Yeah. He’s had his fair share of musical experience. How did it first come about that he worked on the album with you?

WM – He worked on the first two albums we did which was absolutely wonderful. He came along at a time when we were still a young band and had no idea what to do and came up with the idea of either recording in Australia that would be a very national sounding recording or do something overseas that would really stand out in the international scene.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 1]

Interview: Hannah Collins

Winston McCallOut on the run, and sitting quietly in a car it’s about 11.30AM when the phone rings.

It’s an anticipated call, an exciting sound, I answer, my heart beating with suspended animation.

LMM – Hello Hannah Speaking
WM – Hey Hannah It’s Winston [McCall] from Parkway Drive here.

LMM – So have you done a few interviews already this morning?
WM – No I haven’t actually, this is the first one.

LMM – Really? So you got to have a bit of a sleep in?
WM – *Laughs* Yeah a little bit!

LMM – Good Stuff. So you’ve been touring off the back of your latest release, Deep Blue, having done a recent national tour. The Brisbane leg of the show was stated to be (in your own words) one of or even the biggest headlining shows that you’ve played in Australia.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 2]


Winston McCallLMM – Parkway Drive have played with some huge names in metal, like Killswitch Engage, Chimaira and In Flames. They’re all huge names in your genre so do you think there’s a reason that you feel a little bit more intimidated playing on the No Sleep Til tour?

WM – Well definitely because there’s a bunch of bands on the line up that we’re really good friends with..ie a Day to Remember among others but at the same time there’s bands that I’ve wanted to see for a hell of a long time that I’ve never gotten to see before, like NOFX and of course Descendants. We found out about NOFX first and we though to play with them would be insane cause we’re all massive NOFX fans from way back, we’re pretty big punk fans! Then we found out about Descendants those freaks! It’s insane to have a bill like that and its mind warping we’re playing with them. Its gunna be a really, really long day put it that way!
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Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Cancer Bats @ Brisbane Riverstage – 11 September 2010 – Live Review

Review: Hannah Collins

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[Photos: Stuart Blythe]
  Summer’s on the way, the festival season is almost upon us. Beginning September 11 2010, the first of many Soundwave Touring showcases hits Brisbane’s Riverstage on a perfectly tempered spring eve. The temporary fences are up, the box office open, lights are on and 1000’s of patrons begin the seemingly endless walk up the gardens path toward the peak of gardens hill. A most anticipated entry. In conjunction with announcements of Side Waves; the world’s most sought after bands to be frequenting our shores over the next few months, Soundwave Touring paint a new metal face on 9/11.

What will tonight bring? Could these hardcore brethren breathe the fire of the riff across so many receptive faces? An audience of youth seeps out of the shadows, girthing the ever familiar grassy knolls of Riverstage and creeping toward the stage front where the grass gives way to stone.

Glancing left and right there’s nothing abnormal about the sea of black that rises and falls beneath us. The odd white shirt is ever-present and distracting like a pseudo rose in a field of poppies. Poppies that if you plucked from the soil, stripped of their seeds and ground to a pulp; would taste like a smoky blended tea called Bring Me Cancer Bullets.

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Bastardfest @ The Globe Theatre, Brisbane – 28 August 2010 – Live Review

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Blood Duster

[Photo: Stuart blythe]
  Review: Hannah Collins

Bringing together some of Australia’s most notable and long standing metal acts; Astriaal , Pod People and Blood Duster ; The Globe Theatre opened their doors on Bastardfest last Saturday to let the shred ignite the stage and appease those curious enough to have been lined in entry.

Punters of all shapes and sizes graced the venue and packed the bar, but although The Globe seemed full up, it was more of an illusion caused by the tinned sardines hovering in the foyer when in reality we were quite short of a sell out. Numbers may be have been lacking but it contributed only, to make the experience more personal.

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Splendour In The Grass 2010 – Festival Review

Review by: Hannah Collins

Another year gone by, another 20 odd festivals down and yet nothing could prepare you for the 3 day onslaught that has been 2010’s annual epicentre of music extravaganza.

SITG photos here…

Splendour In the Grass, is as its name suggests and a culmination of some of the best local and international acts the current mainstream music scene has to offer. Selling out in record time… four months before the gates crashed open on a feature of the most sought after bands on the international circuit; and turning the page on it’ first decade amidst the front line of dramatic competition that encompasses the Australian festival rotation, the Splendour team were proud to announce that for 2010… the overwhelmingly ecstatic crowds could grace Splendours presence in the outlandish setting of Woodfordia, better known as the home of the Woodford folk Festival.
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Dweezil Zappa “Return of the son of…” – Album Review

Review: Hannah Collins

DweezilDweezil Zappa
  Ian Donald Calvin Euclid, AKA Dweezil Zappa, paramount rock guitar legend, composer, actor and more, has released to the public a new work. A two disc composition, of the most insane “lounge” music I’ve ever heard! There’s not much in the title, yet “Dweezil Zappa, return of the son of…” is an exciting, entailing and esoteric ride from the opening riff to Dweezil’s “Thank you people good night” that outs the last entry. Unfortunately for Dweezil, the shadow cast by his Father has followed him throughout the duration of his 30+ year musical career, still keeping DZ in somewhat of a box like a tight cast actor. Return of the son of is no exception, and is more of an expansion, addition and extortion of some his fathers earlier works, than an

individuals attempt at breaking the mould. Charismatic although it is, and had me giggling my way through the first listen; all two and half hours of it! Whether listening while driving in the car or sitting or the lounge, the moment my attention waned (which others may relate to during the elongated jazz progressions linking sections of verse) I’d be hit with another installment of a completely off the wall story, that began to make some sense by the end of the piece. Continue reading Dweezil Zappa “Return of the son of…” – Album Review

PEARL “Immaculate Little White Fox” – Album Review

Review: Hannah Collins

LittleLittle Immaculate White Fox
  If you dig classic rock, and idolise the genre’s greats, you’ll find this album utterly intriguing.

Pearl Aday‘s first solo production brings with it over two decades of influence from some of rocks finest performers. She’s toured with Motley Crue, Meat Loaf, featured with Filter, hung out with Slash and jammed with Jerry Cantrell. Immaculate Little white Fox is full of grungy riffs, classic rock solos, and intricate lyricism. The shifting track listing rolls like waves and is neither stagnant nor boring. Pearls vocal ability, has been rounded and refined over the years, as she’s moved from stage hand to backup singer and finally found her place, as a stage front performer, bringing all her experience together, in her first singular application.

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Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, State of Integrity @ The Hi-Fi Brisbane 2nd June 2010 [Live Review]

Review: Hannah Collins

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
  Over the isle of aggressive emo’s I trek, an uphill struggle lasting only 20 metres. Past a few youngins’, already heavily intoxicated before the headliners even arrive at the scene. It’s about 8.45PM, and a fight breaks out at the venue entrance… Black Dahlia Murder, have certainly attracted some eccentric hoodlums.

There are 5 bands on the bill in total, which may make for long night. Arriving too late to catch Gold Coast born; deathly brutal “Widow the Sea” (debut album coming soon) and most of the next set by Newcastle’s “The Storm Picturesque”, currently on a small Victorian tour. Both groups are relatively adolescent in relation to the depth of both their musical compilations and touring experience, but with a little time, they may just be a couple of names to watch out for…

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Live Review : Rickie Lee Jones @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 31st May 2010

Review by Hannah Collins
Rickie Lee Jones
Rickie Lee Jones… um… who? She’s not on the regular radio rotation, nor is a household name, yet she’s been filling the air with her amicable sounds for the last 30 years. Her initial self titled album debuted at #3 on the US Billboard top 200; she’s received over 5 Grammy nominations and has featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.
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Live Review – The Dillinger Escape Plan + Maylene and the Sons of Disaster at The Hi Fi, Brisbane 25 May 2010

Review: Hannah Collins

Following on from the destruction that took place at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Friday 21st, Sunday 23rd of May saw the malicious line up on the The Dillinger Escape Plan tour park their vans and load their gear into the rear of Brisbane’s Hi Fi.
With both headliner, and second support bands touring off the back of their latest releases, they’ve come; ready blow the house away with an arrangement of toxically destructive yet undeniably distinct songs. Maylene don’t’ look like your typical metal band, because they’re not. Neither are Dillinger. Both acts are well known for their pioneering ability to create and mould new genres of sounds, encompassing an array of metal, jazz, blues, rockabilly, punk and screamo. The collection of sounds we’re about to hear are unique only to the bands who’ve created them. Maylene are drilling to the core of traditional rock and metal and intently injecting an air of southern flair, quite familiar to their place of foundation; Burmingham, Alabama. While Dillinger, a much earlier conception, incorporate their own blend of metal (progressive, thrash, hardcore, punk) and jazz fusions to have become, the pioneers of what critics and fans alike now know as “math metal”. With such a partricular combination of artists, the show will surely be, as mind boggling and utterly intriguing as the bands themselves.
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Interview with Dallas Taylor – Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

MAYLENEInterview / Dallas Taylor April 2010.
Interview By: Hannah Collins

Dallas Taylor (DT), the longest standing member of southern rock/metal band Maylene and the Sons of Disaster talks to LifeMusicMedia’s Hannah Collins (LMM) about divine justice, family, touring and their new album “III”

LMM: I’m sure you’ve probably told this story a million times, but can you tell it once more? That is, how you guys got the name “Maylene and the Sons of Disaster”? And what it does actually mean to you all?
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Live Review: Devin Townsend @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 12 March 2010

Review by: Hannah Collins
Devin TownsendWhat do you say about a person that seemingly has everything, can do anything, and pleases mostly everyone with his never-ending display of musical prowess? >Devin Townsend is such a man. At almost 40 years of age, his list of achievements both in and outside of the music industry, have never ceased to amaze us. His list of albums and sprouting projects is as long and lustrous as his hair once was, with their both differentiating and intriguing sounds as diverse as Devin’s facial expressions. He was once dubbed the “boy genius” by Steve Vai at only 19 years of age and 20 odd years later, he’s definitely lived up to the hype that precedes him.

In his early days, Devin debuted his original works as the founder, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for hard hitting, extreme metal act “Strapping young lad” (whose debut album “City” was declared to be; “possibly one of the best metal albums of all time”).
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Live Review: Soundwave Festival 2010 – Brisbane

Review: Hannah Collins

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Jane's Addiction
[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
  For the many festival’s we’ve attentively followed in the last year or so, I hope I’m not going to cop to much backlash for saying that Soundwave is now, pretty much, the festival to be at, particularly if you indulge in music of the ah, heavier nature. They’ve marked their territory well, and will be hard to compete with in coming years after continually displaying such high levels of organization and forward planning, with larger than life line ups to match, last year

featuring headliners Nine in Nails, and Alice in Chains, this year the newly reunited outfits Jane’s Addiction and of course, Faith No More.

Ticket sales at the door had prices marked up by over 50 dollars from the original price, but it didn’t see people back away from the queue. With a line up like today’s, I wouldn’t have been backing away from those prices either, had I’d have been stupid enough, not to buy a ticket during one of the previous releases.

Walking the streets of Brisbane’s fortitude valley on the morning of the event is galvanizing. The streets are flooded with waves of charismatic show goers of all age’s shapes and sizes. The crowd’s equal to what you may see before the opening day of the Ekka; Brisbane’s annual Royal show.
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