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Live Review | Rick Astley @ Revesby Workers Club – November 19, 2014

Review by David Jackson
Having covered a number of these 70’s to 80’s artists over the last couple of years I am cautious when it comes to expectations. In my experience, all the hype does not always deliver the goods. Last night at Revesby Workers Club, Rick Astley opened his Australian tour. Everyone remembers Astley from the 80’s, young bloke, big coat, and deep voice. In the 80’s Astley sprinted out of the Stock Aitken Waterman stable with a few hits and took the world by storm. Five years later he disappeared or in his words “retired from the music industry”. Come the new millennium and Astley was back with a vengeance. But in the land of type specific pre-written and arranged music can the guy really sing?
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Live Review | Radio Birdman @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – October 31, 2014

Review and photos by: David Jackson
Radio Birdman @ Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Last Saturday night in Newcastle one could be confused and think they had ventured into a time machine. Travelling back to the year of 1974 when founding Radio Birdman members Rob Younger, Deniz Tek, and Pip Hoyle with Jim Dickson were taking the stage for the first time in a sweaty pub in Sydney, armed with an array of attitude and a brand of unique music about three years ahead of its time. This type of music surely had no place in the Australian pub scene? The hell it doesn’t. This is every bit a part of music history as any other Aussie pub icon band in the last 40 years.
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Live Review + Photos | Thirsty Merc @ Wests, New lambton – October 22, 2014

Review and photos by: David Jackson
Thirsty Merc @ Wests, New lambton
Give me twenty good reasons, well to be honest after last night I could give you four hundred. That was the size of the crowd that ventured out on a Wednesday night and witnessed this unique three piece last night on stage in Newcastle.
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Photos + Live Review | The Chantoozies @ Wests New Lambton – October 19, 2014

Words and photos by David Jackson

The Chantoozies consisting of Ally Fowler, Eve Von Bibra, Angelica Arnott and Tottie Goldsmith are back.

Taking to the stage and opening with their hit “Love The One You’re With” the girls were energetic and truly having fun. Backed by a 4 piece band their sound was full and their vocals flawless.

The set included a number of covers, most notably the girls version of The Church’s “Under the Milky Way” and a new version of the 70’s Promises classic “Baby It’s You”.
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Live Review | Hot Chocolate at Wests New Lambton – October 15, 2014

Review and photos by David Jackson

Hot Chocolate @ Wests New Lambton

Sipping hot chocolate on a cold night is anyone’s idea of pleasure, watching one of the most successful bands of the 70’s play live is perhaps double this.

With a career spanning some 44 years and a huge catalogue of hits, Hot Chocolate entered the stage. Lead by relatively new singer Kennie Simon (Simon joined as lead vocals in 2010) and followed by original members Patrick Olive (Bass), Harvey Hinsley (guitarist) and Tony Connor (drummer), they opened the set with “Everyone’s a Winner”.
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Photos and Review | Spiderbait live at the Deni Ute Muster, Deniliquin NSW – October 4, 2014

Photographer: David Jackson – Winding Creek Photography & Art
Words – David Jackson
Spiderbait - Deni Ute Muster, Deniliquin NSW

Aussie rockers Spiderbait, consisting of the original trio of bass guitarist Janet English, singer-drummer Mark “Kram” Maher and guitarist Damian Whitty, took to the stage at the Deni Ute Muster with plenty of attitude.

“I know we have a lot of country artists here Deni but are you ready to rock?” yells Maher to the crowd and it’s obvious that they are.
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Photo Gallery + Live Review | Courtney Love @ Newcastle Panthers – August 22, 2014

Review and Photos by David Jackson – Winding Creek Photography – for LifeMusicMedia.com
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As the tattoo on her right arm so vividly displayed the words “let it bleed” this is what Courtney Love gave the audience in Newcastle on Friday night. It flowed not as a viscous fluid but in the form of a rampaging rant via a journey back in time. Although Hole is gone you could not help but draw a comparison. From the all-male four piece band to the constant trip back to the days of Hole with her saturated song list constantly exacerbating this successful stage of her career. I have no doubt this is what the forty year old plus audience came and were looking for. Taking to the stage wearing black stockings and knee high boots, gone was the trashy lingerie however Love’s underwear was strategically positioned over her pants. Resting her leg on her fold back, orange Rickenbacker positioned ready to strike, the band opened up with “Wedding Day” from Love’s new album “Died Blonde” then jumped right into a well-received Hole reunion with “Miss world” followed by “Plump”. “Hello Newcastle, your small not like the other Newcastle” referring to our English friends, this echoed with a smile from Love’s mouth. Sitting on a speaker smoking one of her famous “lucky strikes” Love let loose with “Honey” teasing the audience grinding on the speaker.
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