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…And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of the Dead @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 9 September 2011 | Review

Review and Photos by Stephen Goodwin

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  Trail of the Dead may have shed almost half their members since their last visit, but an evening at the Hi-Fi with this leaner line-up remains a punishingly loud experience.

Five back-to-back cuts from latest release Tao of the Dead give the feeling that the band is rushing to get the new material out of the way. Still Ebb Away and The Fairlight Pendant, in particular, are anything but second-rate.

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Frenzal Rhomb Australian Tour – April-July 2011 [Tour News and Tickets]

  Frenzal Rhomb will perform shows in swooping bird hotspots over the coming weeks to warn people of the danger of bird attack, and to sell their range of hand made neopolitan ice cream container helmets to concerned and/or injured fans

Top tips for fans who dare to venture between their houses and the shows:

1. Know your local swooping birds
2. Move Quickly
3. Travel in a group
and most importantly
4. Eyes at the back of your head!

Fri 22nd April Barwon Club Geelong
Tickets Available Here
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The Getaway Plan with Tonight Alive @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 11 February 2011 [Live Review]

Review: Amy Lee Freshwater

[Photo Credit: Amy Lee Freshwater]
  It’s not surprising The Getaway Plan sold out two shows in one day at the Metro Theatre, they were at the height of their career when the announcement was made that they were breaking up, and the anticipation to see whether they still rock built up a big response to this reformation tour. Joining them on tour were Melbourne friends Secrets In Scale and Sydney band Tonight Alive.

Managing to catch the end of Secrets In Scale, general consensus from the crowd was that they played a decent set and really got everyone pumped for the remainder of the night.

Tonight Alive took to the stage to a loud and excited audience. Rarely do I witness such enthusiasm for a support band, but Tonight Alive took it right in their stride and used that energy to their advantage pushing the same amount of energy, if not more, right back out at the audience in order to create an incredibly impressive set. They played something to please everyone, old song, new song, love song, heavy song, sing-a-long song. Tracks included My Favourite Thing, Revenge and its Thrills and closed out with Wasting Away, but the highlight for many was a cover song ‘In My Eyes’, the original by band Rufio. A notable set from this fitting support act who in no time will be headlining venues such as the Metro I’m sure.

Seeing the audience during the changeover time between bands reminded me of being a little mosh teenager sweating it out at the front just to be in a good spot for my favourite band. Even though this was the over 18’s show, people were going nuts pushing and shoving during the whole half hour trying to be front and centre for The Getaway Plan. Expecting them to come out and smash us with a hit, the set began with the melodic ‘Move Along’, a new song, that somehow super-fans already knew the words to. Soon enough they did break out into songs ‘Streetlight’, ‘Sleep Spindles’ and ‘New Medicine’ from their album Other Voices, Other Rooms. Four tracks in and the stage backdrop lit up with fairy lights, it was a bit of an ‘aww’ moment.

It was clear by now that The Getaway Plan were enjoying playing together again, and that their time apart doing other projects has massively improved their dynamic as a band. Noticeable improvements both musically and performance wise from guitarist Clint, who has been playing with The Amity Affliction whilst being on a break from TGP. The announcement from singer Matthew Wright that the band are in the process of recording a new album received an overwhelming response from the crowd, only fueling the fact that their popularity is going to increase second time round. The set built in intensity throughout the show, ‘Red Flag’ was a definite highlight with Wright getting his scream on and the band breaking down that song and just ripping like I’ve never heard them before. Another new song made it into the setlist and Wrights voice may have been tiring from the former song, as he introduced back onto the stage the singer from Tonight Alive to lend her killer vocals to this one. The band closed out the set with an old favourite ‘Where The City Meets The Sea’ which triggered a loud sing-a-long, to the point where Wrights voice was almost unheard. Inspired by the ever-waiting audience, TGP returned to the stage for a two song encore comprising of two more from their debut album, ended the night perfectly.

This band has reaffirmed their place in the Australian music scene, and no doubt their next record will take off as their first one did, lets hope they stick together for the long run this time round.

The Getaway Plan with Tonight Alive @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 11 February 2011 [Photo Gallery]

Oh Mercy ‘Great Barrier Grief’ Tour – March-May 2011 [Tour News]

  Oh Mercy head back out on the road for the Great Barrier Grief album launch tour through March, April and into May. Recently the band have been joined on stage in Brisbane by Michael from Yves Klein Blue, had Brian Nankervis read poetry & dance at Pyramid Rock Festival and had Kieran from Kid Sam perform with Alexander at a tiny secret show in Melbourne – this tour is sure to hold some surprises up it’s sleeve.

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Brisbane – March 5, 2011 – Buy Tickets Here
Sydney – March 12, 2011 – Buy Tickets Here
Melbourne – March 13, 2011 – Buy Tickets Here
Adelaide – March 14, 2011 – Buy Tickets Here

Future Entertainment has announced that the already epic line-up of stellar artists, DJs and bands just got even bigger …

Already boasting a blinding neon bill comprising the lofty likes of the Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal, MGMT, Mark Ronson, Pendulum, The Presets, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin and Steve Angello, a prodigious trio of heavy-hitting homegrown stars – Tame Impala, Flight Facilities and Gypsy & The Cat – are now joining the party!
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Keith Urban ‘Get Closer’ Tour – April 2011 [Tour News]

Australia is scheduled to be the first stop on Keith Urban’s Get Closer 2011 World Tour which will see the multi-platinum selling artist perform to hundreds of thousands of fans in many countries across the globe all beginning here on Friday April 8, with the multi-platinum selling Lady Antebellum joining Urban for the Australian tour as the opening act.
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Double Pass Giveaway! Dead Letter Chorus with Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene) & Zeus @ The Zoo, Brisbane – Thursday January 13th, 2011

Show cancelled due to Brisbane Floods!
For your chance to win a double pass to the Dead Letter Chorus & Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene) & Zeus concert @ the Zoo, Brisbane on Thursday January 13th, 2011
See below for details

  The sumptuous second taste of Dead Letter Chorus’ upcoming album, Run, Wild has become (if you excuse the pun) a runaway success. The song’s existential yet hopeful sentiments have clearly tapped into the zeitgeist and in to the hearts of the general public thanks to a lot of love from national broadcaster Triple J as well as a slew of community radio.

Run, Wild was decidedly a highlight of the band’s live set on their recent East Coast tour alongside the considerable talents of Seagull and Dan Parsons. And it wasn’t just in live land that the track was heaped with kudos; its accompanying film clip was recently named Indie Clip of the Week by national institution, and savior of late night television watchers everywhere, Rage.
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