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Interview with Garry “Gaz” Jennings of Cathedral

Interview: Billy Geary
We caught up with Cathedral guitarist Garry “Gaz” Jennings for a quick chat about Soundwave 2012 – the last shows they’ll be performing together…

LMM: It’s been confirmed that the Soundwave tour would be your last ever tour together. What was the reasoning behind making Soundwave Soundwave your last set of shows together?

Garry “Gaz” Jennings: The last ever show was supposed to be the London show but about 2 days after we announced the gig this offer came in which was to good to turn down so we accepted and then announced the London show as the last uk show.
LMM: Does anyone in the band plan on moving onto other musical projects after Cathedral finishes up, or is this completely it for you guys in terms of playing professionally?

GJ: I think we will all continue in some shape or form whether it’s doing it professional or for fun. Brian has a side project already and they do quite alot of gigs and Scott will still play with Repulsion. Lee has his label and I’m sure he may get involved in some projects along the way. As for myself I’ll probably continue to play the guitar for fun but will not join or form a band. I may do a solo project at some point. I have loads of ideas which have never been used but I’m to lazy to do anything with them.
LMM: What are you most looking forward to about doing Soundwave 2012?

GJ: Just getting over there and playing and enjoying the fact that it’s the last time we will play together.
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Interview: Ben Weinman – The Dillinger Escape Plan

Interview: Billy Geary
With The Dillinger Escape Plan set to inflict their brand of intense, chaotic and stage totalling performance on an eager Soundwave 2012 crowd, we asked DEP guitarist and founding member Ben Weinman to share his thoughts on touring, Australia and Soundwave.

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Interview with MC Tuka – THUNDAMENTALS

Interview by Chris Dornan
Hip Hop trio THUNDAMENTALS are just about to wrap up their “Foreverlution Album Tour 2011” in Brisbane. With a successful National headlining tour and supporting tours with big name acts such as newly awarded Aria recipient Drapht, A Tribe Called Quest (USA), Lyrics Born (USA), Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (USA), and many more amazing artists..
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Charles Walker and The Dynamites @ The Zoo, Brisbane | November 24th, 2011 | Live Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt

Charles Walker
Photo Credit: Pete Coorey
  On possibly the most humid Brisbane night in 2011 so far, a small crowd gathered at The Zoo in hopes of witnessing something special. Clutching cold beverages and gathering close to fans and windows, last Thursday night proved to be the time for these fans of funk and soul to have their wishes come true and be transported back to a time when their music, played with passion and skill, was at it’s very height.

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Interview: Regular John – Catching The Wild Beast

Interview by Stuart Blythe

2011 has been a big year for Regular John. The psychedelic rockers played The Big Day Out, supported Motörhead, have toured relentlessly and more recently entered the studio to record the follow up to their debut album The Peaceful Atom Is a Bomb.

We caught up with Regular John in the studio!

[Photo Credit: Monica Pronk]
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Interview with Charles Walker and Leo Black of The Dynamites

by Lauren Sherritt

US funk masters The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker are in Australia delivering their unrelenting barrage of stripped-down, rhythmic R&B, funk and swinging soul!

Lauren Sherritt chats with singer Charles Walker and guitarist Leo Black and delves deeper into the soul of the band.

LS: You’ve been to Australia before, you played here last year?

Charles: Yeah we were there last year. This will be our third time.

Leo: Our first time was last April, then we came over for New Year and here we come again.

LS: And is Australia a country you like to tour in?

Charles: Oh yeah, very much so. We have a great time there and people really enjoy the music. It makes for a great tour.
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Take Five With… Jai Sparks | The Strums

Interview by Life Music Media

The Strums launch their debut EP @ The Beetle Bar, Brisbane on November 25th and they’ve lined up some of their oldest friends who coincidentally play in a few of the coolest rock n roll bands in Brisbane – The Mercy Beat, Bang Bang Boss Kelly, Get William – to help them celebrate… There might even be some sneaky DJ sets between the bands.

Take Five With… The Strums vocals/guitarist Jai Sparks

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Take Five With… Christian Tryhorn | Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Its been an amazing year for Transvaal Diamond Syndicate (TDS)… inclusion in Australia’s premier Blues and Roots Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest 2011, completion of their ‘Sins of the Blessed – East Coast Tour’ – some 35 dates over 2 months which sees the band travel from Cairns all the way down to Sydney, pretty much stopping at every city in between – as well as a number of confirmed festival dates and key support slots.

Life Music Media invites you to take five with… Christian Tryhorn | Transvaal Diamond Syndicate
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Ball Park Music @ East Brunswick Club, Melbourne | Live Review

Review by Ben Connolly
There’s a buzz in the air tonight – a full house and the Ball Park Music headlining debut album launch tour tends to give out a special vibe. And it’s been a long, well-worn track to get to this point: singles and free downloads leading to early Triple J recognition, signing to a supportive management company and releasing one of them most anticipated EPs of recent memory, seemingly tour after tour as the perpetual bridesmaids before finally knuckling down to carve out the first full-length offering.
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Only The Sea Slugs @ Yah Yahs, Fitzroy – October 27, 2011 | Live Review

Review by Ben Connolly

  Rock can be such a bitch of a game. One day you’re the toast of the town, an EP in the shops, a film clip on Rage and some choice words thrown your way from the national youth music broadcaster. Then you decide to cram all your gear into a van and tumble a thousand kilometres south only to be greeted by a mid-week pub, almost empty apart the other bands on the bill and a few uneager passers-by; shitty sound only adds to the drama. And that’s where it all goes pear-shaped for Sydney-siders Only The Sea Slugs with its recent gig at Melbourne’s Yah Yah’s.

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Interview with Danielle Spencer – Hopeful, Excited and Ready

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Australian singer/songwriter Danielle Spencer, currently on her “The Alone & Together” tour with Steve Balbi, is set to release her 6 track acoustic EP on November 18th (2011).

Danielle Spencer chats with Life Music Media.

You’ve been in the studio recently to record acoustic remakes of tracks from your first album ‘White Monkey’. How did this come about?
When I got back out on the road and starting playing some shows last year there were a lot of requests for tracks from my debut album ‘White Monkey’ and so we started playing them live and then people starting asking where they could buy them. The album was released in 2001 through EMI and is now deleted and largely unavailable, so I decided to record a 6 track acoustic EP which is available for sale at all the shows and online from November 18.
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