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Live Review | Periphery + Tesseract @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne with Twelve Foot Ninja – 31 July 2011

Review by Billy Geary
On Sunday night in Melbourne; Periphery, Tesseract and Twelve Foot Ninja claimed gig of the year. It’s that simple. Upon arriving 20 minutes before the doors opened, in order to get barrier spots, the line to get in was already stretching 75 metres down Swanston St, causing that idea to be promptly dismissed. To put it in perspective, the other shows on this tour were at venues with capacities of 400-500 people and only Sydney managed to sell out.

The Hifi, a 1200 capacity venue, was forced to turn people away after about 8pm. Not a bad effort for a band on their first headline tour of Australia.
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Live Review | Ball Park Music + Millions + City Riots @ Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane – 23 July 2011

By Chantelle Sievers
It was about time that Ball Park Music headlined their own tour. With presence and personality like theirs it is hard to stay in other bands’ shadows. The sellout crowd at Alhambra Lounge were treated to an exhilarating and upbeat show.

Local band Millions warmed up the crowd with smooth vocals, a steady snare and a nostalgic 90s sound. Concertgoers had their eyes on the band and were nodding along.
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Album Review | Art Brut – Brilliant! Tragic!

Review – Sibel Kutlucan
Brilliant! Tragic! definitely is anything but tragic. It is the fourth album from Berlin-based English and German punk rockers, Art Brut. It is a great 10 track album that promises rather drastic changes which have sparked quite a few heated discussions since its release in May this year. Art Brut as always promise a contagious concoction of strong gutsy instruments and cheeky punk vocals which are prominent throughout the entirety of the album, with some tweaks here and there.
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Album Review | The Elected – Bury Me In My Rings

by Sibel Kutlucan
Jeeze, where have The Elected been all my life! I was shocked that the band managed to produce two albums previously without me realising, however I’m glad to have been introduced to them with their third album, Bury Me In My Rings, which released earlier this year (may 17th) truly is a fantastic indie rock gem. After listening to the first minute or so of the album’s opener “Born to love you”, the LA based indie-rock band had me captivated and I am pleased to say that the album only got better.

“Babyface”; listen to it! If you only have to listen to one song off the album I would recommend this one (the second track), although you would be doing yourself an injustice to only stop here.
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Take Five With… Felicity Ward

– Pepa Wolfe
Take Five With… Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward is very honest. Painfully, brilliantly, hilariously honest.

Familiar to television audiences from her work on The Ronny Johns Half Hour and regular guest spots on the ABC’s Spicks and Specks and Channel 7’s Thank God You’re Here, the comedian is about to bring her self-depreciating, disarmingly charming self to Brisbane in her new show, Honestly.

Writing from Hong Kong, where she is currently touring with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, Ward gave Life Music Media a brief taste of what is to come.
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Dan Sultan @ Old Museum, Brisbane – 19 July 2011 | Live Review

Review: Lauren Sherritt

  The night of the nineteenth of July was a cold one in Brisbane, but the crowd heading to Dan Sultan’s sold out show at the Old Museum knew that things would soon heat up for them. The charismatic singer has a reputation for putting on a pretty fantastic show, and the scores of fans were counting on him making the trek out into the cold worthwhile.

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FloatingMe, Electric Horse, Forever the Optimist @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 23 July 2011 | Photo Gallery

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Photographer: Stuart Blythe – stuartblythe.com

Artists: FloatingMe
Electric Horse – www.facebook.com/electrichorse – www.facebook.com/pages/Floating-Me/144012038959446
>Forever the Optimist – www.facebook.com/forevertheoptimistmusic
Venue: The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Date: 23 July 2011

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MORE PHOTOS – Thousand Needles In Red @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 23 July 2011 | Photo Gallery
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Take Five With… Simone Romaniuk

– Pepa Wolfe
Take Five With… Simone Romaniuk

One of David Williamson’s most celebrated plays, The Removalists, is set to make a return to the Brisbane stage as one of the QTC’s education performances. An examination of police corruption, domestic violence and sexism in 1970s Australia, this new production begs the question, “How far have we really come?”

Working to recreate the look and feel of those times is production designer Simone Romaniuk, an Affiliate Artist with the QTC this year. A graduate of both NIDA and the Queensland College of Art, and with credits that span film, television and especially theatre, including the STC, Pacific Opera and Sydney Dance Company among others, Romaniuk took a break from the slightly abstract set and retro furnishings of The Removalists to share some insight with Life Music Media.
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Art vs. Science @ The Tivoli, Brisbane on 9 July 2011 with Strange Talk – Live Review

Review: Lauren Sherritt

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
  It has become a well known fact that New South Wales band Art vs. Science do not put on any ordinary live show. What they create is more than music, what they do is more than mere entertainment, and the allure of their act has had them selling out venues nationwide on their recent ‘The Experiment’ tour. As expected, their concluding performance at The Tivoli in Brisbane was an evening of riotous fun, insane dancing and marvellous spectacle.

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Sleeping With Sirens – “Let’s Cheers To This”

Review by: Sibel Kutlucan
Wow! It is fair to say with Let’s Cheers To This, Sleeping With Sirens have came a LONG way since their first album release, With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear, which was released just last year, and definitely wasn’t the best way to break into the scene. I was ready to give up on the American post-hardcore band, hailing from sunny Florida, however with a deep breath and a strong cup of coffee I was ready to tackle Let’s Cheers To This and boy was I surprised.
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Album Review | Set Your Goals – ‘Burning At Both Ends’

Review: Sibel Kutlucan
I was surprised in the most part to find out that Burning At Both Ends was an album from the San Franciscan boys, Set Your Goals. Burning At Both Ends did disappoint, certainly those who favoured the bands style that exuded melodic hardcore on Mutiny! The bands extremely well received full-length album released in 2006. At points I found Burning At Both Ends to be confused, torn between styles of pop punk and the stereotypical vocal cadence that is Tom Delonge in a nutshell, and the dynamic and enthusiastic melodic hardcore influences that were prominent in Set Your Goals older, well known sound. Although to be fair the band is exploring a newer sound and there are a few great tracks on Burning at both ends that certainly can win a listener over.

“Cure For Apathy” was a shaky opener for the album, with the first 30 seconds seeming forced and displaced, a little over done. This opening slot could have be filled with a number of tracks of the album that would have made for better openers, regardless however, my hopes for Burning At Both Ends weren’t crushed and sure enough by the second track, “Start The Reactor”, a strong and united pop punk sound came through and altogether it was a great song that definitely got the album going for me.

“Trenches” was another track I favoured on the album, it echoed a slew of popular pop punk bands with the catchy lyrics and rhythmic drumming. It definitely was a highlight of Burning At Both Ends for me and it made me feel like bouncing around and letting go of all inhibitions.

Shamefully, I have to admit another favourite for me was “Product of the 80s”, which even for the lyrics alone-that very much reminded me of MC Lars was just plain awesome. Extremely communicable, I struggled to remove it from the repeat loop on my Ipod (lucky it wasn’t the first track, otherwise I may not have made it through the rest of the album).

I may have been a bit harsh to begin with; Burning At Both Ends certainly is confused and misplaced in comparison to the strong and sincere sound that enthralled fans with previous releases from Set Your Goals. Regardless however, the album is still mostly good, not amazing, but good, with some tracks definitely deserving a listen or two. Set Your Goals may be hoping to further delve into pop punk and they have certainly done this with Burning At Both Ends, which as a whole is a vibrant pop punk album.

Review By: Sibel Kutlucan

Tracklist :
1. Cure for Apathy
2. Start the Reactor
3. Certain
4. Happy New Year
5. London Heathrow
6. Trenches
7. The Last American Virgin
8. Exit Summer
9. Unconditional
10. Product of the 80′s
11. Raphael
12. Illuminated Youth
13. Not as Bad

Take Five With… Kat Henry | Interview

By – Pepa Wolfe

Take Five With… Kat Henry

Questions of family and loyalty crushed against the palpable spectre of hate crime and social violence; the QTC production of Orphans is currently receiving rave reviews. With an award-winning script by London playwright Dennis Kelly and in the hands of an exhilarating ensemble, this intense thriller is astounding Brisbane audience’s night after night.

At the helm of this visceral piece is director Kat Henry, who recently directed The Ugly One for indie company 23rd productions at Metro Arts. From within the swell of the Orphans experience, the NIDA graduate and Artistic Director of Stella Elektrika shared her thoughts with Life Music Media.
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Album Review | Hellogoodbye – ‘Would it kill you?’

Review: Sibel Kutlucan
Hallelujah! Hellogoodbye have praised us with their return to the music world with the extremely dandy new release of their full length album Would It Kill You? An 11 track album that filled the void of the four years without a full length release from the Californian boys, since their release of Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (released 2006). Would It Kill You? is truly an evolution for the band, maturing greatly from their previously dominant indie-synth and power pop sound; now embracing the indie pop rock sound that is ruling the music scene at the moment. The metamorphosis is extraordinary and definitely has done great things for the album and Hellogoodbye who have come a long way since their disco-esque electronics and syntehsised vocals on older tracks such as Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn.
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