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Duff McKagan’s Loaded – “The Taking” – Album Review

Review by: Ben Connolly
Musical legacies are fickle beasts. For the privileged few, early bravado can lead to a lifetime of open doors and opportunities; for most, thorough, their own massive shoes are rarely filled again, leaving a life of painfully striving either to attain the same heights, or failing to convince the world that there’s more to give. For those at the pinnacle, the ones whose exploits drew a definite line with which others would measure themselves, this is arguably even more acute: audiences are liable to bay for more brilliance, and are vocally deflated when their lofty expectations are not met (take, for example, the expectation of larger-than-myth Bob Dylan, whose audience is rudimentary brought down to earth every time his never-ending tour juggernaut rolls through town).
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  Combining the talents of brothers Lachlan (guitar and vocals) and Leigh Ewbank (drums) as well as Ali Edmonds (bass) Damn Terran have rightfully earned a reputation for being one of Melbourne’s most incendiary live bands.

‘Rational Economic Man’ is four minutes of addictive tension and release. Anger and control play out meticulously in staccato chords, stop/start rhythms and Ewbank’s melodic yet virulent vocals.

To capture Rational Economic Man’s raucous glory, Damn Terran invited dedicated fans and curious punters to a Melbourne warehouse for the filming of its accompanying video clip. The entire clip was shot using head-cameras worn by the band and members of the audience, resulting in a realistic view of both band and fan alike.

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The Wombats @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – 5 May 2011 – Live Review

Review by: Lauren Sherritt
Known for catchy tunes, clever lyrics, playfully sung narratives and an outstanding energy, The Wombats played to a sold out Tivoli in Brisbane on Thursday night, giving their all to make it a night to remember for the fans attending.

So popular were tickets to the trio’s show that Thursday night’s gig was their second Brisbane performance, organised for those who had missed out on tickets for the original Tuesday night show. Being all ages, the evening started early, with doors opening at six-thirty and the band taking the stage just after eight. Populated mainly by teens delighted to be able to see the marsupial-inspired band in the flesh, the crowd got busy chanting for The Wombats early on.
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Music Video Mash Up 2011 – Attn Bands & Film Makers

Do you want to make a music video?


Registrations are NOW OPEN @ www.mvmu.com.au

Following on from a huge inaugural year last year, The Music Video Mash Up filmmaking competition is back for 2011- and with the addition of Sydney and Melbourne to the competition, bigger and better than ever.

What Is It ?
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[Me] Online Fan Giveaways

  For the whole month of May, [Me] is running a Live Music Month giving away a free live track each week for a month.

You’ll receive a download each week and access to a community page to share your thoughts on the tracks with other fans!

Each download includes exclusive cover art hand drawn by Steve Walker. When the covers are put together they create a poster! Collect each week, print them out and create your exclusive mosaic.

Here’s what to expect:

Week 1: ‘Like A Fox’
Week 2: ‘Your Favourite Colour’
Week 3: ‘Nip And Tuck Me In’
Week 4: ‘Slow Children Run’

Simply click the ‘Download Now’ button to the left and enter your email address. You’ll instantly receive the latest track and be added to the list to receive them all.

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Thursday – ‘No Devolución’ – Album Review

By Helen Brown

No Devolucion - ThursdayNo Devolucion – Thursday
  Nowadays, the word ‘genre’ can be the kiss of death for a band. Unless they do something phenomenal and memorable with their music, they run the risk of falling into a certain category and being lost among the throngs of other musicians doing the exact same thing. Case in point: Thursday’s sixth release, No Devolucion. This New Jersey-based outfit have
created an album loaded with screamo American rock and impressive lead vocals, projecting a dark and broody atmosphere. Unfortunately, this effort is not ground-breaking and we have heard it all before. Licks of fuzzed-out guitar with sporadic psychedelic notes on No Devolución offer something else to the typical screamo mould, but it is not quite different enough to redeem the album. The tracks are

primarily average with hardly any substance, in some cases comparable to an emo church choir if such a thing existed.

One example is the track ‘Open Quotes,’ consisting of a mellow introduction with acoustic guitar and soft piano notes. This is but a brief reprieve from the hardcore onslaught of the rest of the song, with strong drumming and an ever-changing tempo that comes to a sudden halt at the end. The track is about someone sorting through their emotions, and trying to survive and find their place in a dark world, once again very similar to what we have all heard before.
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The Incredible Kicks ‘Fairytales’ EP Launch @ The Step Inn, Brisbane – 26 May 2011 [Gig News]

  On Thursday the 26th of May The Incredible Kicks will unleash their pop harmonies upon us, with the release of their debut EP Fairytales.

Blending the best parts of Prog Rock and Pop, The Incredible Kicks have crafted an EP packed full of tasty treats. A fusion of styles and sounds, at times epic at times intimate, Fairytales is a wicked and wondrous musical journey down the rabbit hole. From love songs to nightmares and abstract tales come five tracks, laced with pop sensibility and roguish charm. An exciting, original sound.

Through the thrill and longing of forthcoming single, Not On Me, to the delectable staccato/quintuplets of the title track, Fairytale, The Incredible Kicks weave a elaborate web, with luminous layered harmonies, while the bass and beats engage in a dark dance of kicking rock.
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Katy Perry @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre – 5 May 2011 – Photo Gallery

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Artists: Katy Perry
Venue: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Date: 05 May 2011
Presented by: Logitech and Michael Coppel


HOUSE OF PAIN @ The Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane – 02 May 2011 – Live Review

By: Jamie Cook

  It was the first week of May way back in 1996 which saw a triple header called the “Cool Naughty Pain” tour featuring Coolio and Naughty by Nature hit our fine shores. Almost fifteen years on to the exact day, the other band on that bill, reformed American Hip Hop legends House of Pain finally return Down Under to let loose some of their fine malt lyrics on the Brisbanites who have made the trek to the Hi-Fi on this Labour Day public holiday evening.

As the night gets off to an early start, front man Everlast armed with a guitar and a three piece backing band consisting of keyboards, drums and bass take the stage and open proceedings with an instrumental type jam reminiscent of something that could pass off as being written by Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger of The Doors.

Without further ado, it’s now time for the real deal. As the first notes of “Danny Boy, Danny Boy” ring out, a greeting of “make some noise motherfuckers” is heard and fellow House of Painer, Danny Boy himself joins the rest of his crew to take the Brisbane crowd on a journey back in time for some old school classic Hip Hop.
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Trial Kennedy ‘Living Undesigned’ National Tour – May/June 2011 – Tour News

On May 13, Trial Kennedy releases its long awaited second album, Living Undesigned. To celebrate, the band is taking their show on the road for a string of album tour dates around the country in May.

On paper, you’d have to wonder how Trial Kennedy is even still a band.

Two years ago, the Melbourne rock outfit were perched at the edge of something big. After two killer EPs (2004’s Present for a Day and 2005’s Picture Frame), their Nick DiDia-produced debut album, New Manic Art, was garnering the sort of critical acclaim every band aspires to. Songs such as ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Colour Day Tours’ became instant Triple J anthems. The band toured hard, earning a burgeoning Australian fan base to go with their stellar live rep, and coveted support spots with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Birds Of Tokyo. Their star was rising.

And then… well, then a whole lot of bad mojo went down. The band’s original bass player left, there was illness, the daily struggle of balancing day jobs and personal relationships with artistic careers, and the band parted ways with their management and label.
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