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Sampology’s Super Visual Monster Mash – April/May 2011 [Tour News]

  Sampology mixes YouTube clips, exerts from films, TV shows and vintage VHS finds, turning your ordinary club night into a crazy AVDJ mashup.

The technical aspect to Sampology’s Super Visual AVDJ shows is pretty darned impressive. He’s madly manipulating video via two turntables and a mixer and triggering animations from his drum machine, all projected live onto a big-ass widescreen. But it’s Sampology’s cheeky sense of humour, sprinkled across the exerts from film and TV shows, filmclips, YouTube clips and vintage VHS finds that takes your ordinary club night and turns it into a stupidly exciting and crazy fun visual mashup.

Its like dancing your butt off at your favourite movie of all time, and laughing the whole way through.
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John O’Callaghan emerging from the Subculture : Interview

It took John O’Callaghan just a few short years to outrun the ‘next big thing’ tag and switch over onto the A-list fast track. A masterful spinner, his high-octane trance mix coupled with a much-honed precision mixing style has seen him surge up through the DJ ranks. Spinning his first Radio 1 Essential Mix in the summer of 2008, the gifted 27 year old was one of only 4 trance DJs to do so during the year. Immediately following that he made his debut in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs rundown, arriving at No.60. In the 2009 chart he became one of the year’s highest climbers, leaping 36 places into the world’s top 25 and cementing his place as Ireland’s foremost DJ & producer.

In his home country he has picked up the Best Producer and Best DJ trophies at the Irish Dance Music Awards for 2 consecutive years; decisively conquered the notoriously competitive testing ground of Ibiza and was the first Irishman to play Trance Energy. In 2010 he has entered the inner circle of electronic dance superstardom.

So how did you first get into music and DJing?
When I was sixteen or seventeen I just got into the music when I went on holidays to Spain a couple of times. Dance music was really popular over there in the summertime. So when I got back I started to check out the music and then from there, I bought myself a set of decks and had those for a couple of years and then got into production just out of curiosity. So it was just a natural kind of teenage thing.

So in those days, who were some of your early influences?
People like Mauro Picotto, Ferry Corsten, Scot Project and Johan Gielen. They were really doing it at that time and they were playing in Ireland all the time and I used to go see them regularly in Dublin. So these were the guys who I really looked up to. Continue reading John O’Callaghan emerging from the Subculture : Interview

PARKLIFE 2010 – Line-Up Announcement

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  Here it is, the official first line-up announcement for Parklife 2010. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s their tenth birthday this year, and it looks like the celebrations are set to go off with a bang. As promised, there are quite a few surprises on the roster of artists announced so far, with organisers paying closer attention to the more indie/alternative-inspired musical tastes of their punters, as well as packing in a whole bunch of more traditionally Parklife-y electro and hip hop acts.

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Winter Sound System 2010 Brisbane – 13 June 2010, Queens Birthday Weekend

Do you want a double pass to the Winter Sound System 2010 in Brisbane? See below for details.

winter sound system   Close your eyes. Let your imagination run free. There’s a place far, far away that only you can see …
In this mystical realm pure music reigns supreme, people dance for life and DJs are Kings and Queens. There is no start, there is no finish, just tomorrow and what will be – so follow your ears, open your mind and let the rhythmic beats roam free and when the moon appears the music and magic begins…

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Festival Review: Playground Weekender 2010

Review: Brahbrah Oscar

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Playground Weekender
[Photo: Arfy Papadam]
  Within only a matter of moments after disembarking the ferry, it becomes immediately apparent why Playground Weekender (PW) has been the recipient of the “Best Crowd & Atmosphere” award for the last two years running.

PW organisers pride themselves on compiling a line-up that will attract a friendly and laid back crowd, and they know their craft well. The result is, quite bluntly and refreshingly, a music festival without all the jerks.

Over the four long and hot days festival goers remained pumped, happy and, as far as intoxicated crowds go, fairly mature. Even during the headliners when the main stage crowd was in full force, there was little pushing and shoving, people seemed pretty considerate of each other.

With little requirement for much control, the friendly crowd seemed slightly at odds with the size of the police force throughout the weekend. Officers walking sniffer dogs through festival grounds among the punters simply enjoying their lunch was an unusual sight. Though despite their numbers and high visibility, police were friendly and relaxed. Security were equally laid back in general.
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Photo Gallery: Playground Weekender 2010

Photographer: Arfy Papadam
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Playground Weekender
Playground Weekender - Bluejuice
Playground Weekender
Playground Weekender

[Photo: Arfy Papadam]
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Playground Weekender

Festival Review: Playground Weekender 2010
Interview: Damian Kulash of OK Go

Stereosonic 08, Saturday November 22, Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds

It’s the news party revellers have been waiting for; Stereosonic 08 is going on the road with Brisbane firmly in its sight.  After huge success last year, Melbourne’s festival of the year is set to infiltrate Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds on Saturday November 22 in a Queensland first.  


Joining forces, Family nightclub, onelove, Hardware, inthemix, Channel [V] and Nova – the Stereosonic 08 juggernaut – officially announce Stereosonic, a showcase of the very best in new cutting-edge music and unrivalled state-of-the-art production.

Scouting the finest local and overseas talent, Stereosonic serves a festival of epic proportions, covering the entire spectrum of dance and electronic music, even spilling over into indie.

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