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Q&A with The Floating Bridges

The Floating BridgesQueensland’s premiere 5 piece roots, rock, reggae outfit The Floating Bridges are recently released their explosive new single ‘Eloquence’ (video clip below).

The band – Dale, Cale, Dan, Jimmy and Johnny – took time out to answer a few questions for LifeMusicMedia.com

:: What track changed your life ::

Banapple Gas – Cat Stevens (Dale)

:: What is your favourite Album ::

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (Cale)
Powderfinger – Vulture Street (Dale)
Incubus – Science (Dan)
Nirvana – Nevermind (Jimmy)
Led Zeppelin – II (Johnny)

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Interview with Gary Stringer – REEF

Interview by Robert Pugsley

British rockers Reef are heading back to Australia in June, so put your hands up and your eyes down as Life Music Media interviews Gary Stringer lead singer of Reef.

You may remember Reef for their 1997 hit “Place Your Hands ” from their Glow album or you may remember them from their Hey Hey It’s Saturday performance when they hilariously reacted to the poor treatment of some young Red Faces contestant by trashing the stage whilst screaming “Your Old”. Reef then threw down their instruments and literally did a runner. An angry Daryl Somers stared down the camera and boldly claim that Reef “will never work in this town again!” But alas poor Daryl it looks like Reef and their Aussie fans that are having the last laugh.
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Take Five With… Clayton and Lachlan Doley of Aussie soul band The Hands

  Life Music Media invites you to
Take Five With… Clayton and Lachlan Doley of Aussie soul band The Hands

(Bluesfest 2011 Edition)

Interview: Pepa Wolfe

:: If you could join another band, who would you choose? ::
Lachlan: Oh… (thinks) There’s too many bands.
Clayton: Do they have to be alive?
Lachlan: I would’ve loved to have been in Tower of Power, I think,
when I was younger. That would’ve been amazing.
Clayton: That would’ve been pretty cool, yeah.

:: Which artist would you like to see perform at Blues Fest this year? ::
Clayton: BB King. The Funky Meters were pretty awesome
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Discover: GO/NO-GO [Explore Music]

  Band: GO/NO-GO

Genre: Rock/indie/new wave
Current Location: Sydney, Australia.

Members: Daniel Arena – Guitar/Keys/Vox
Steve Allison – Electronic percussion/Synth
Stephen Claxton – Vox/Guitar/Keys
Tarek Darwish – Bass Guitar/Vox
Nicholai Danko – Drums

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Who What Where with The Little Stevies

  Luscious three-part harmonies soaring above striking melodies and catchy guitar hooks is the sound of Melbourne pop-darlings The Little Stevies. Each song’s a story you’ll want to hear again, as the personalities of all the band members come shining through. Cheeky, charming, moving.

Check out The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ [Video Clip] which is the first single from the album Attention Shoppers, due for release March 4, 2011.

Life Music Media asks The Little Stevies
Who, What or Where is…

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Who What Where with GOSSLING – Helen Croome

  Having just finished a tour with Lior, it has been a busy year for GOSSLING, having already supported the likes of Lamb, The Whitlams, Jamie Cullum, Newton Faulkner, Whitley and Mark Scholtez in 2010. In addition Gossling impressed crowds at her own headlining shows in Melbourne and Sydney, all off the back of her EP “If You Can‟t Whistle‟. The impressive debut features the sublime “Days Are Over” which quickly became a regular feature on Triple J’s play list.

Life Music Media asks GOSSLING – Helen Croome –
Who, What or Where is…

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Interview: POLAR – The New Noise

Interview: Kenada Quinlan

  Approximately 24 months old, POLAR are a hardcore statement that are already making waves across Europe while securing suport slots with the likes of Gallows. Part of an ever increasing UK hardcore pack, this 5-piece from Guilford, England obliterate the boundaries of hardcore bringing guts, melody and musical intelligence to the fold.

Off the back of the band’s recent signing to independent label A Wolf At Your Door Records, an excited Life Music Media (LMM) catches up with vocalist Adam Woodford (AW) to talk all things hard, fast, loud and Jager.

LMM – How have the last 12 months been?

  AW – The last 12 months have been amazing, we have put alot of work into our live performance with various tours with great bands such as It Prevails and Heart in Hand.
  We are really proud of our first EP which is called ‘This Polar Noise’ this then got us noticed by Wolf At Your Door and has led us to be signed with our first release to be out in February 2011.

LMM – The most memorable experience…

  AW – The most memorable experience we have had is being main support for Bring Me The Horizon for there album launch, it was a very good experience to play with one of the biggest bands in the world and to much younger audience which was a challenge and we feel we won over some new fans.

LMM – Can you tell us about the song-writing process…
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Who What Where with Tim Kent of Los Capitanes

  “Los Capitanes is a controversial and turbulent new-age love story; like Sid and Nancy, Kurt and Courtney, or Bert and Ernie. Kent describes the band as ‘a sexless marriage, except with heaps of sex.’ Essentially, they are the sonic equivalent of the best, loudest, and most irresponsible and enthusiastic sex you can imagine…” Los Capitanes – Facebook

Life Music Media asks Los Capitanes vocalist Tim Kent –
Who, What or Where is your favourite…

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Interview: Australian based pop band… STRAY


Australian based pop band Stray formed in Sydney at the end of 2006. Sharing the same passion for Pop music, they combined their talents and blended a mix of 80’s funk inspired bass lines, organic feel of RnB and the current Electro Pop/Rock dimension to create the Stray sound.

Life Music Media caught up with the duo *Alessandro Gaudiosi (Lead Vocals, Synths), Phil Lombardo (Drums, Synths)* to find out more about STRAY!

Hi guys, can you tell us a little about “Stray”?

  Well, we are a 2 piece duo who just love pop music. we love to write it, produce it and most of all perform it-

We have just released our EP titeld ‘Sex, Love and Neon Lights‘ which features 5 tracks inspired by the great Michael Jackson and Prince. We really inspirie to write and perform music which has a commercial feel to it and I guess thats what Stray is all about in a nut shell.

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Straight Arrows single ‘BAD TEMPER’ [New Music]

  Rice Is Nice is psyched to announce the signing of the Straight Arrows! We unite to release the bands debut album ‘It’s Happening!’ this coming November. Please find the important artist statement below.

“STRAIGHT ARROWS are engorged with pride to announce their signing to Rice Is Nice Records for our forthcoming debut LP. We hope they can continue to operate at their excellent standard, and not be brought down by us. Somehow, we even raised the standard of this record to glorious Medium Fidelity”

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Goldfrapp @ The Tivoli, Brisbane on 30 July, 2010 – Live Review

Review by: Stephen Goodwin

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[Photo: Charlyn Cameron]
  The only thing missing was the mirrorball.

It’s no secret that, since their lush and elegant 2001 debut Felt Mountain, synth-pop act Goldfrapp has embraced an increasingly dancefloor-driven sound.

Ninety minutes with the UK five-piece reinforces this transition in a brilliant whirlwind of keytar-driven glam and disco moments that ABBA and Olivia Newton-John might envy.

But first, Tim & Jean entertain a slim crowd of earlycomers with a sound that sits squarely at the intersection of the heavily processed drums-guitars-sequencers crossroads long since popularised by the likes of M83. Around the heavy beats, synths blip, bleep, whine and shimmer with the

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THE SOLOMONS – Debut EP Release

Melbourne band The Solomons originally formed in late 2007, and have since added Aaron Ronaldson and Leigh Baines to original members Doug Hind and Cass Allan. They spent 2009 supporting the likes of Tim Rogers, British India, Evermore, Oh Mercy, Gun Street Girls, and The Casanovas, as well as completing their debut six song EP.

‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ is the new single taken from the band’s debut EP ‘The Solomons EP’. The EP was recorded at Hothouse Studios with Craig Harnath and Finn Keane (Franz Ferdinand, Jet), and mastered by Tony Mantz at Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering (Nick Cave, You Am I), ‘The Solomons EP’ showcases the band’s diversity of influence, as well is its distinctive guitar driven melodic sound.


Waiting For Something To happen  by  showoffservices

Photo Gallery: DOPE (USA) + SOIL (USA) @ Club 299, Brisbane 18 December 2009

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[Photo: Mel Hone]

Artists: DOPE (USA) + SOIL (USA)
Venue: Club 299, Brisbane
Date: 18 December 2009

Photographer: Mel Hone

dope dope soil
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Interview with The Black Ryder’s Scott Von Ryper

Interview: Bek Grealy
Black Ryder‘Buy the Ticket, take the Ride’ The Black Ryder‘s Scott Von Ryper (SVR) talks with Bek Grealy (BG)
The Black Ryder album ‘Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride’ out on ‘The Anti Machine Machine’ and EMI, November 2009

BG: How’s the live music scene working out for you at the moment? Had any recent gigs?

SVR: No we haven’t actually, we have a show coming up in Melbourne in mid November, and we had an exhibition in Sydney at the Monster Children Gallery, with a pre album listening party and the photos shown were taken from our video clip shoot. It gave the attendees a chance to listen to the sounds before the album is launched.

BG: Did any of the content, or ideas come from the previous band you both worked together in, “The Morning After Girls” to establish The Black Ryder?

SVR: No, I don’t think so, the bands are very different musically, and Aimee and I joined The Morning After Girls a little later on, so they already had a pretty clear direction. Whereas the Black Ryder, we are the creators, we write the music and we record it.
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