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HOUND release Debut Album ‘Dying in the Sun’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Despite the obvious ties to the Brisbane climate, ‘Dying in the Sun’ takes a little more of an existential route than the literal “dying in the sun” that you go through every summer in lovely Brisbane. The songs touch on some lightly nihilistic tendencies whilst attempting to steer clear of preachy, political manifestos. Although the final track, ‘Fair Shake’, touches on some quasi-political themes, lyrically Hound prefer to tap into ideas that can be connected with on a personable level. ‘God is Calling’, ‘Something Else’, and ‘Gamekeeper’ are good examples of this. A song like ‘Concrete’ on the other hand indulges in a stronger and more positive theme.

Track 2: Gamekeeper

The four members got to the point of being happy with the tracks, so they acquired local legend/tone king Sean Cook (Plutonium Studios) who hit record as Hound played around with as many pedals as they could find. What they ended up with are 10 songs that encapsulate a time in their lives that was equally exciting, crushing and dynamic.

Listen to the full album here!

Connect with HOUND at https://www.facebook.com/HOUNDBRIS

Audio Interview | Max Bemis – Say Anything – Mental Health in the Music industry and more

Interview by John Howarth

Max Bemis is the is the lead singer, primary composer and primary lyricist of the band SAY ANYTHING, as well as a founding member. Bemis is undoubtedly a tortured genius. His struggle with Mental illness is well documented and certain episodes have been recorded in the media. He has become somewhat of an advocate for Mental Health and has worked hard to get his condition under control. A recent dad with another little one on the way, family life has helped in his recovery. His devotion to faith is another reason Max has his life well on track. Say Anything are definitely a unique outfit and with their latest album ‘Hebrews’ he dropped ALL guitars in preference to strings and the outcome was stunning.
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Animal Hands new single “Roaring Girle” | (Stream)

Gatefold sleeve Single V2.aiDanielle Whalebone has returned with her band Animal Hands to Birdland Studio to record with Lindsay Gravina (Rowland.S Howard,Cosmic Psychos, Magic Dirt). After the successful release of her debut EP at the Cherry Bar last year(2013) her band Animal Hands received international reviews and airplay on Triple R PBS, FBI and on Triple M. As well as LA Talkback radio, college and community radio stations in Australia and across the world including KGRG the station that launched the Seattle sound.
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Daniel Lee Kendall Unveils First Single From Debut Album – ‘Under A Spell’ (Listen Here)

Central Coast songsmith Daniel Lee Kendall has returned with his deliciously dreamy new single that goes by the name of ‘Under A Spell’. Lifted from his long-awaited debut album titled “Daniel Lee Kendall Is Dead” which is set for release on September 12, this single also marks the beginning of a new relationship with his new found record label home, Create/Control.
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Audio Interview – Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan

Interview by: Ben Hosking

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLANIn the lead up to The Dillinger Escape Plan Australian Tour – May 2010 – we caught up with Dillinger founder and lead guitarist Ben Weinman.

Listen to the Audio interview:
Interview: Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan by Ben HoskingLifeMusicMedia

CD Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Option Paralysis’
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Australian Tour – May 2010