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Ben Wright Smith – “Storm Boy” (Official SoundCloud Stream)

Employing some rich 70’s guitar sounds with the uplifting, harmonic vocals that have marked releases through his career ‘til now, Ben Wright Smith has returned with brand new single ‘STORM BOY’. The Melbourne songwriter has been a strong favourite with live music fans over the years and as a recording artist, he has made waves both in Australia and overseas too – his songwriting has continued to flourish off the back of his acclaimed 2017 debut album ‘The Great Divorce’.
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Girl York share new single ‘Dandies’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Have you ever felt that rush when you hold the hand of your longtime crush for the first time?

That’s how Girl York will have you feeling in their new single Dandies; a chill indie-rock future-classic that will have dreaming of Summer afternoons spent with your love.
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Taylor Janzen releases debut EP, “Interpersonal” (Official Soundcloud Stream)

With her stunningly sparse melodies and minimalistic guitar riffs, 19 year old Winnipeg artist, Taylor Janzen may seem softly spoken, but her staggering lyrical narrative and deeply personal writing sends a resounding message. Today, the Winnipeg artist, who has garnered praise from the New York Times, releases her highly anticipated EP, “Interpersonal.”
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Champagne Superchillin’ Release LP “Beach Deep”

Somewhere between consciousness and the warm bath of sleep, life loses its mystery and dissonance. Here, enigmas untangle themselves, and conflicts melt like ice cream bars against our hot skulls; here, our dreams spin to life, strange and profound — frightening — to waltz with us, to lay down with us, to egg us on. This is the allure of sleep — not it’s restful slumber, not it’s offer of serenity, but the seductive intersection where our exhausted brains refuse to differentiate between reality and fantasy.
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Sophie Bom – New Track “Broke”

Sophie Bom is a Los Angeles native. She got her start as a topline writer, writing lyrics and melody for pop artists such as Britney Spears, Kesha and Conor Maynard. Soon after she started touring and releasing music with her partner David Elevator in their band, Sophie and the Bom Boms. They released their EP “Shmixtape” with Columbia Records, followed by an independent release of their second EP “Going For the Heart”. After a little hiatus Sophie found herself back at her roots, sitting at piano writing songs. “Broke” is her first release as a solo artist. It is also her first venture as a producer. Sophie Bom plans to release more new music this year.
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Electronica three-piece Cubicolor – new single ‘Counterpart’

Taking in an eclectic range of influences, including Boards Of Canada, Moderat and the Warp Records roster, Cubicolor combine electronica expertise with lyrical depth and a haunting, pervasive vocal style. Consisting of Dutch producers Ariaan Olieroock & Peter Kriek and British producer / lead vocalist Tim Digby-Bell, the electronica three piece are following the release of their debut Brainsugar in 2016 with new track ‘Counterpart’. The track was written, recorded, produced and mixed by the band in their studio on a boat in Amsterdam.
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Tiaryn drops single ‘Who Is This’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Melbourne-based songwriter Tiaryn creates lush songs that combine her beautiful neo soul vocals with crisp instrumentation, skillful pop sensibilities and an infectious groove. ‘Who Is This’, the second single from her anticipated EP, reveals Tiaryn’s flair for expressing complex emotion sonically and lyrically.
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Eliza Hull – New Single ‘Hard Way’

Castlemaine-based indie artist, Eliza Hull, has just announced tour dates and her new single ‘Hard Way’ – produced by Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Ali Barter, Hiatus Kaiyote) at New Market Studios, Melbourne – lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘How We Disappeared’ (due mid-2018).
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Soft Science – Sooner (Soundcloud Stream)

Dream-gaze syndicate Soft Science preview their new double A-side single ‘Sooner/ Paris’, via Test Pattern Records. ‘Sooner’ is the second single from the band’s forthcoming ‘Maps’ album, to be released in early June. ‘Paris’ is a wistful-blue cover of Northern Picture Library’s (NPL) 1994 track ‘Paris’. These new tracks follow the album’s first single ‘Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You’, which saw the band flirt with sounds closer to My Bloody Valentine and The Primitives.
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