Girl York share new single ‘Dandies’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Have you ever felt that rush when you hold the hand of your longtime crush for the first time?

That’s how Girl York will have you feeling in their new single Dandies; a chill indie-rock future-classic that will have dreaming of Summer afternoons spent with your love.

Dandies is the second track from Girl York’s upcoming sophomore EP, and serves as a moment of respite in a slightly heavier full length release; it’s the fun song!

“The song is a montage of the time spent between a couple on holiday. The genuine happiness of the present and that rose coloured confidence, the feeling that everything is going to just great forever,” said vocalist, Shaun Martin.

Despite being ‘the fun song’, Dandies still delivered a strong, positive message.

“The track serves as a reminder; everything is going to be okay, life is worth the risk and there’s no reason to worry, only reasons to enjoy the present, reasons to exist!” said Shaun.

A fan favorite at live shows, the track is a ball for the guys to play due to it’s genre-skipping energy.

“Dandies is laid back, bordering on surf-rock with its meandering guitar, driving drums and vivid lyrics providing a backdrop to celebrate what is good about relationships; those impermanent moments of real happiness experienced together,” said Shaun.

Girl York combine elements of dreamy shoegaze with harsh punk rock grit that will take you back to the 90s. With the release of their new EP the bands has a new fire and drive and are ready to hit you with