Music : Rie Fu Announces New Album, Shares Stunning New Single ‘Mirror’

After a stint with a major label, Japanese, now UK based artist, Rie Fu (pronounced Ree-ay Foo) is now returning with a new sense of freedom exploring her sound more and becoming more intimate and personal in the process.

Rie’s upcoming album ‘Places’ see’s her trace a new musical path, taking her electronic sound to a more organic place after moving away from the neon lights of Tokyo and into a small, rural UK town in the UK, influenced by the likes of Staves, Bon Iver and Kate Bush.

Speaking on the Track Rie said: ‘Mirror – A song which is organic and in tune with nature, inspired by the British daily rituals seen from a foreigner’s perspective.

A mirrored image of the everyday-life; Emancipation and seclusion, connection and isolation, conformity and idiosyncrasy…the chorus line “I see you reflecting me” representing the contrasting elements. The dynamic uplift of the chorus is definitely the highlight of my new album.’