Chymes return with new single ‘Dreaming’

Mesmerising Sydney duo Chymes are pleased to present their latest single ‘Dreaming’. The intimate recording showcases their innate ability to write enigmatic, restrained and encapsulating electro-pop.

‘Dreaming’ sets out with Kiersten’s charming vocals on lush synth lines. The meeting of female and male vocals mid-way through the verse merges delicate harmonies, bound and perfectly blended. ‘Dreaming’ takes you on a journey to their alternate world where the only thing that matters is immersing yourself in the music.

“Dreaming is about the euphoric feeling when you experience something that feels larger than life, like coming up with an exciting idea or falling in love and how you find yourself being whisked away to another world. It was inspired by the feeling we get when we make music.”

Following the success of their debut EP Grow, and follow up singles ‘Bloom’ and ‘Shade’ in 2017, Chymes return to reel you back in with a new electronic vibe that still rings true to their original intimate sound.

Comprised of Kiersten Nyman and Cameron Taylor, Chymes are known for contrasting gentle flirtatious beats with haunting lyrics to cultivate their own unique brand of electronic-pop. Their captivating audiences globally with 3 millions+ streams worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify.
The pair have found a sweet spot by experimenting with each other’s contrastingly dark lyrics and playful innocent sounds to create what is uniquely Chymes. The bedroom-studio project continues as Chymes have promised a new and exciting musical journey for 2018.

From a converted spot on triple j’s unearthed rotation, to fan made videos of their lyrics translated into Spanish, hailed as “mesmerising” (Indie Shuffle), with “hints of Purity Ring with its eerie vocals and captivating soundscapes” (Howl & Echoes) and a “new talent” (The Music Ninja). Chymes are bringing a fresh new sound in the fertile Australian independent music scene.