Tiaryn drops single ‘Who Is This’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Melbourne-based songwriter Tiaryn creates lush songs that combine her beautiful neo soul vocals with crisp instrumentation, skillful pop sensibilities and an infectious groove. ‘Who Is This’, the second single from her anticipated EP, reveals Tiaryn’s flair for expressing complex emotion sonically and lyrically.

Her first single Falling is a feel-good tune which melds dreamy synth lines with rich harmonies leading Indie Shuffle to draw comparison to Little Dragon and Hiatus Kaiyote. While maintaining the confidence and personality of Falling, Who Is This takes a darker turn, revealing the emotional vulnerability and diversity of Tiaryn’s upcoming EP.

Born from the unsettling experience of seeing someone from one’s past who has changed to be almost unrecognisable, this tune’s synth pads give an eerie yet strangely comforting feel to the track. ‘Who Is This’is reminiscent of the great RnB we remember from the 90s, dripping with the smoothness of Brandy and the intricate production of Timberland. However Tiaryn seems to masterfully fuse this sound with modern Australian influences, Matt Corby and Ngaiire. The opening synth arpeggios blend with organic guitar lines and a wailing call and response throughout the chorus.

Tiaryn with her recognisable voice, is a born songwriter who for as long as she can remember, has been deeply connected to the emotional release of singing. She began writing songs at her family piano, and has remained transfixed with daring self-expression and creativity to this day.Since moving to Melbourne from Perth, Tiaryn has performed with numerous artists, including Sex On Toast, Sampa The Great and 30/70, tirelessly exploring avenues of music and honing her craft while cultivating her own sound.

Find Tiaryn
Facebook | facebook.com/tiarynmusic
Instagram | instagram.com/tiaryn
Bandcamp | bandcamp.com/tiaryn

Upcoming EP Launch
Friday 17th August,
The Workers Club
51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy