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YOU AM I @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 27th November 2010 with We All Want To, The Honey Month, Charles Jenkins – Live Review

Review: Pepa Wolfe

  An eclectic night at the Hi-fi (Brisbane) began with Charles Jenkins and his special brand of epic tales and poetry. Just the man, his guitar and a few gems, mainly from his current album Walk This Ocean and the previous release Blue Atlas.

A smattering of devotees amongst the early chatting crowd requested favourites. He didn’t have time to play Trees of Brisbane, but those begging for Swing Bridge got lucky.

Friendly, self-depreciating and appreciative of his audience, he worked his way through a strong set, from the heartbreaking Autumn Fall to the thrilling beckoning of Save. Fantastic imagery, bittersweet, at turns gripping then soothing, each song has simplicity yet feels cinematic. Such a beautiful repertoire. If you’re not yet familiar with Jenkins, do yourself a favour and become promptly acquainted.

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Boiling Point @ Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane 19 November 2010 [Live Review]

Review: Lana Harris
The show begins before we’ve even entered the room. An usher approaches, explaining that to gain admission, tickets are not enough. We’ll need to remove our shoes and any socks and crowd into the shopfront’s store room, leaving behind our footwear. As compensation we will be given a small torch. Crammed into the dark room with forty other people and their exposed feet, we wait for the show to begin.

There is no extra light provided once the doors to the shopfront are opened. We creep in using our bare feet for balance and our small torches for sight. Bolder venturers have already spotted the still as statue performers; others illuminate kitchenware hanging from the ceiling and news stories on the wall recounting the trial of a 1950’s female that killed her husband by poisoning him.
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Montpelier ‘Last Boat’ Single Review

Review: Lana Harris

  With a surreal seascape cover and references to a great songster, Montpelier capture interest with their new release before a single note has been played. The song is ‘Last Boat’ and it’s a taste of the four piece indie pop rockers’ upcoming EP due out in April 2011. With one EP under their belt, local touring and a feature on Triple J’s unearthed program, Montpelier have set out to catch some new fans with this ode based on the drowning of musician Jeff Buckley in 1997.

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Take Five with Alinta Chidzey

By Pepa Wolfe

Life Music Media invites you to…

Take Five with Alinta Chidzey

:: Do you have a favourite musical? ::
I think this [West Side Story] would have to be one of the favourite ones, to be honest.

:: Is there a character that you’d give anything to play? ::
Oh. Um… (thinks) I’d love to play Velma in Chicago. That is one I would love to play, for sure.
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On the Road to Somewhere – Alinta Chidzey in West Side Story [Feature Article]

By: Pepa Wolfe

On the Road to Somewhere

Actress Alinta Chidzey is wowing audiences as she burns up the floor in West Side Story, bringing sass and charm to the role of Anita. Life Music Media caught up with her for the Brisbane leg of the Australian Tour.

For someone who has just taken a quick break from an intense tech week to talk to the media, Alinta Chidzey appears very relaxed.

It’s a sunny day at Southbank in Brisbane, where the cast and crew of the classic musical West Side Story are busily preparing to launch the next leg of their Australian tour. Chidzey sits sipping an orange juice and speaks enthusiastically about the role of Anita – the fiery Puerto Rican immigrant unwillingly caught up in a 50s gang war – for which she is receiving rave reviews.
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Manic Street Preachers @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane with Dead Actors Club, 13 November 2010 – Live Review

Review: Denis Semchenko

  Tonight’s crowd at The Hi-Fi is presumably identical to the one for The Charlatans on Wednesday night (I didn’t go, but a couple friends attended the show): not a lot of young people; Britpop aficionados and sporadic old-school goths rubbing shoulders with rowdy-looking UK expats. Additionally, the atmosphere – surprisingly for the venue – is exceptionally friendly and everyone seems to be here for a genuinely good time.

As often the case with touring overseas acts, the choice of an opening band is a trifle idiosyncratic. Rolling a cool name, busy hairstyles, drainpipe jeans, red Nord synth and spiky guitars into one indie-dance package, Melbournians Dead Actors Club are fun to watch for the first couple of numbers, but soon get predictable. We do, however, have a hoot when the quintet air a track that is The Bloodhound Gang’s

“Bad Touch” in all but name – in this era, any cheesy ’90s reference, whether purely coincidental or not, is likely to get a jolly response.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 3]


Winston McCallLMM – I also wanted to talk about the different producers on your last two albums and their contribution to the finished sound on both releases. What was the best thing about working with Adam Dutkiewicz on Horizons?

WM – With Adam?
LMM – Yeah. He’s had his fair share of musical experience. How did it first come about that he worked on the album with you?

WM – He worked on the first two albums we did which was absolutely wonderful. He came along at a time when we were still a young band and had no idea what to do and came up with the idea of either recording in Australia that would be a very national sounding recording or do something overseas that would really stand out in the international scene.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 1]

Interview: Hannah Collins

Winston McCallOut on the run, and sitting quietly in a car it’s about 11.30AM when the phone rings.

It’s an anticipated call, an exciting sound, I answer, my heart beating with suspended animation.

LMM – Hello Hannah Speaking
WM – Hey Hannah It’s Winston [McCall] from Parkway Drive here.

LMM – So have you done a few interviews already this morning?
WM – No I haven’t actually, this is the first one.

LMM – Really? So you got to have a bit of a sleep in?
WM – *Laughs* Yeah a little bit!

LMM – Good Stuff. So you’ve been touring off the back of your latest release, Deep Blue, having done a recent national tour. The Brisbane leg of the show was stated to be (in your own words) one of or even the biggest headlining shows that you’ve played in Australia.
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2high Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 12-13 November 2010 [Festival News]

  — 2010 Vision: Stir the sleeping system. Observe it rumble, roar, push, pull, tremble, hiss, sigh… breathe. You are the missing part. Rewire its senses. Awaken the Machine.

2high Festival is Australia’s one-of-a-kind multi-arts experience for young emerging artists and cultural producers.

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