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Live Review : A Day On The Green – Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley – 5 November 2016

A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen - 5 November 2016 Photographer: David Jackson

A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen – 5 November 2016
Photographer: David Jackson

Review by Natasha Wyborn

5 great Aussie bands, a perfect opener to this year’s Day on the Green. Something is in the air every November; a day all Hunter Valley music fans look forward to every year, the season opener of A day on the Green!
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Live Review | Sounds of Spring 2009 (part 2)

Review By Jose Eduardo Cruz
Photo by Matt Palmer

MammalAfter overcoming security guards that were more intent on removing bottled water from punters then checking bags for dangerous items, I entered the RNA to a sea of people ready to have a good time. There was an incredible amount of space for everyone to move around in; there were plenty of real toilets, not those disgusting portaloo’s made famous by Kenny, and sufficient shade to shelter during the midday sun.
The first band on the agenda was Melodyssy on the Trash Stage.
With a sizable crowd present, Melodyssy dive into a powerful set. Unfortunately, the mix was way too bass driven and overpowered the guitar and vocals. Overall, they managed to please those that stayed around to listen to their whole set.

After The Fall at the Main Stage begin to warm things up with their danceable vibrant set. The crowd was rather tame considering the high energy these guys were putting out. Nevertheless, a masked Mexican wrestler and Barney Rubble made an appearance in the crowd which was duly noted by their front man.

Next in line was Dead Letter Circus and the first sing along of the festival gets started. These guys are professional and could be the next big thing potentially taking over the spot currently held by The Butterfly Effect. The pit was still subdued and only until their front man decided to jump from the stage and acquaint himself with the front row that the energy in the pit picked up. We see the first crowd surfers and the crowd ignites. In a gesture that will make everyone remember them, Dead Letter Circus started to throw multiple bottles of water into the crowd. DLC proclaim that “Sounds Of Spring” is the best festival and that there are “No glow sticks here!!”

Now I will dedicate several more words to the next band for they were, for me, by far the best band in the line up. Mammal exploded onto the stage with Ezekiel Ox wearing a pair of bull horns through the entire first song. The entire pit was electric and fed off every move from the entire band. Mid set things got a little interesting. Mr. Ox pointed to the Australian flag and explained why he did not associate himself with it. He pointed to the Aboriginal flag fixed to his mic and pledged his allegiance to Indigenous Australians. Not ever having associated Mammal with a political stance, it’s a pleasure to see and hear some level of social commentary in such a massive public gathering. Perhaps not the best delivery, considering alcohol and ignorance can lead to violent patriotism, but nonetheless an excellent move. It does not stop there, Mr. Ox decided to dive into the crowd, crowd surf his way to the middle of the pit while signing and carrying on a call and response. Looking forward to documenting this band in the near future.

Shihad, the on again off again band from across the pacific, jump on stage with their trade mark low rider guitars and embark on a greatest hits set. They struggle to get the crowd motivated enough, but it’s a hard task having to follow Mammal. The regulatory sing along is carried out as is the diving into the crowd.

As 5pm approached, the sun begun to set and people begun to tire and the ample grass space was taken over by sleepy bodies. Anticipating the forecasted dust storm, I made my way to a more protected area within the RNA.

Something with Numbers on the Triple J stage was an interesting band. They had the whole tent from the front to the back dancing. In between songs, I was approached by a fairy, which seem to come out a lot at festivals, and given a present. Before she left she said for me to dance and continue having fun.

The Beautiful Girls is a special band that is always well received wherever they play. Two new songs are debuted and near the end of their show they had the crowd singing to a Phil Collins classic. “I can feel it in the air tonight”, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”… very appropriate considering the dust storm that hit Brisbane that night.

Blue King Brown is received by a much smaller crowd then they are used to. They are always cultural, political and acknowledging. The fusion of latin, reggae and rock has made them the premier band in Australia within their genre. However, this is the third time watching this band and although I am a big fan, the format of their performance has been the same the three times I have seen them. My fear is that they will be overexposed and quickly become stale. Nevertheless, they are one of the best Australian independent bands. This reviewer just hopes that something new begins to happen in their shows.
As yet another festival draws to a close, Josh Pyke gently sends everyone home with his beautiful sound.

Overall this was one of the best festivals I have ever attended. The atmosphere was excellent, there were no overly drunk idiots ruining the day for someone else, the punters were very calm and respectful and even with a dust storm that made everything seem apocalyptic, fun was had by everyone. We all await 2010 with anticipation.

Sounds Of Spring 2009: 3rd Artist Lineup Announcement

Just when you thought Sounds of Spring 2009 couldn’t get any better…another 23 acts join us to round-out the line-up

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Sounds of Spring    Tex Perkins, Salmonella Dub, Something With Numbers, Kram, Calling All Cars, Midnight Youth, Mary Trembles, MM9, Jericco, Ouch My Face, Astronomy Class, Coalition Crew, Omni Anti featuring DINO, Root!, Further, Amity Affliction, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Grand Atlantic, The Scare, Mexico City, Melodyssey, Nova Scotia, Drawn From Bees.

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The competition was fierce at the Tooheys Extra Dry uncharTED Grand Final for competition 1, 2009. Three of Australia’s top emerging bands battled it out for the major prize – a spot on the bill at Splendour In The Grass 2009, plus an artist development package worth $25,000. Nova’s Rosso hosted the event, as the Oxford Art Factory reached full capacity and the crowd were treated to a special performance from Kram.
After astounding live-sets from each finalist, The Deer Republic from Sydney came out on top and was crowned the uncharTED winner, just beating Hot Little Hands and Foxx On Fire in the industry and public votes. Having only been together a couple of years, The Deer Republic captivated the audience with their melodic indie-rock and catchy hooks. It seems there’s no stopping this Sydney outfit, as they get ready to play one of Australia’s best festivals, Splendour In The Grass.

Nick Andrijic of The Deer Republic describes their win “Phenomenal; ecstasy; fantastic! I’m not just saying this because we’re gracious winners; the other two bands that played tonight are fantastic… It means the world to us to play at Splendour… the fact that we’re going to be sharing the stage with some of them [our favourite bands], it’s indescribable at the moment, I don’t think it’s going to hit me for a couple of days… we’re looking forward to it.”

uncharTED competition 1 attracted more than 2,300 entrants this year, and an esteemed panel of industry experts and an A&R team selected the Top 50 artists in Round 1. Round 2 saw the unveiling of the Top 10 semi-finalists, made up of four media picks and the 6 publicly voted bands. Round 3 announced Foxx On Fire, Hot Little Hands and The Deer Republic as the Top 3 finalists – and after 10 weeks of vigorous voting, the competition ended with a bang at last night’s Grand Final, with The Deer Republic leaving with the major prize!

Tooheys Extra Dry uncharTED competition 2, 2009 is now open. If you’re a solo artist or in a band looking to make it big, head to www.uncharted.com.au to register. You could be on your way to becoming Australia’s next big thing!

Interview: KRAM – Making Music and Loving It!

KRAMTell us how Kram came about?

KRAM: Mark spelt backwards invented by an old mate while we watching a Leyland Brothers movie in the local hall.

What have been the highlights and advantages since becoming a solo artist?

KRAM: It’s very liberating to make a record where you play all the instruments yourself, like a massive bedroom 4-track session. I enjoyed doing that with Andy, recording everything! I will definitely make more records like that in the future. If you have the idea in your head, you can just go in and play it without having to think about the live thing at all.

… and how does this compare to Spiderbait?
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Photo Gallery | Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival – 3 May 2009

Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 3 May 2009
Photographer: Stuart Blythe

KRAM, OP 25, The Winnie Coopers, Dukes Of Windsor

Click the image below to view photo gallery…
Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival Gallery

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]


Now in its 9th year, SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS returns on Sat July 25th and Sun July 26th at Byron Bay’s Belongil Fields to present its much anticipated annual mid-winter music celebration. With offerings from around the globe, the 2009 line-up packs a punch with a flock of Splendour first timers, festival favourites and exclusive one-off performances to boot.

9.00am sharp on Thursday May 14th – Internet sales only – www.qjump.com.au
Sat July 25th and Sunday July 26th
Belongil Fields, Byron Bay
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Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – Ticket Giveaway!!

*** Click here for our photo gallery of KRAM, OP 25, The Winnie Coopers, Dukes Of Windsor ***

Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival    Would you and a friend like to spend Sunday the 3rd May 2009 – Labour Day long weekend – listening to great music – FOR FREE?????
The Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival, an iconic Queensland event, is in its 15th year, with thousands of people expected to swarm to Brisbane’s most famous party precinct in true Aussie fashion and LifeMusicMedia have 3 double passes to give-away!
What better way to spend Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend… delicious seafood, wine and an awesome first-class line up of entertainment.

*** Click here for our photo gallery of KRAM, OP 25, The Winnie Coopers, Dukes Of Windsor ***

The 2009 Festival Line Up

KRAMThe Dukes of WindsorGrace KnightKevin Borich (solo) – Tyrone Noonan & Palimpsest – Robbie James (GANGgajang -duo) – Kate Bradley and the Goodbye HorsesJIMMYZ (plus guest vox Kira) + 4Play DJs – OP25 ( featuring Daniel Amalm ) – The Winnie CoopersRoger ThatMason RackEnacioOmni AntiTrouble Karma Flow – Latin Fire –Afrodisa – SoulzuDozziThe Zookeepers.

How can I be in the running to get a double-pass for free?
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Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival 2009 – 3 May 2009

Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival    Every year in Brisbane Australia, something exciting and flavorsome erupts throughout the course of one weekend. Fresh fish, melt-in-your-mouth prawns, and decadent oysters come together with a variety of wine and musical performances to create the iconic Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival.
Now in its 15th year, thousands of people are expected to swarm to Brisbane’s most famous party precinct in true Aussie fashion.

**** Click here for details of our double pass ticket giveaway! ****

Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend, this year’s Festival – to be held on 3 May – promises to be bigger and better with more delicious seafood, wine and a first-class line up of entertainment.

The event commences at 11.30 and features the finest Blues, Roots, Hip Hop Jazz and feature recording Artists across THREE stages By Day.

The 2009 Festival Line Up

KRAM – The Dukes of Windsor – Grace Knight – Kevin Borich (solo) – Tyrone Noonan & Palimpsest – Robbie James (GANGgajang -duo) – Kate Bradley and the Goodbye Horses – JIMMYZ (plus guest vox Kira) + 4Play DJs – OP25 ( featuring Daniel Amalm ) – The Winnie Coopers – Roger That – Mason Rack – Enacio – Omni Anti – Trouble Karma Flow – Latin Fire –Afrodisa – Soulzu – Dozzi – The Zookeepers.
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Quiksilver Pro Show — ***** Click Here – 2009 Photo Galleries *****

***** Click here for PLAYING / SET TIMES *****
Saturday 7th March (2pm – 10pm NSW Time)
Duranbah Beach, Gold Coast
All Ages / Licenced Surf + Music Event




The first artist announcement included a compilation of acts who recently starred in this years triple j Hottest 100 music poll with the event headliners BLISS N ESO, grabbing 3 tracks in the countdown, followed by Continue reading