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The Boat People – Dance to My Pain/ Antidote Double A-side Remix Package – CD Review

Review: Lana Harris

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  This double a-side release features tracks from the recently released Dear Darkly, creating a target audience of people who love The Boat people singles but who won’t commit to buying a full album, and fans who love The Boat People so much they’ll buy this just for the remixes of the two title tracks.

The CD opens with ‘Antidote’, which is a very sweet love song, a well crafted pop tune, and the last time on this CD that guitars are able to take the front of stage. From ‘Dance to My Pain’ and onwards through the remixes, synthesisation and beats take over. C’mon, Boat People, just admit it: you want to be a dance act. Sure, sure, not a traditional dance act,

but a revitalised, fresh, Aussie pop influenced electro outfit who, every so often, get to wear a furry animal costume on stage – even if it’s done in the spirit of irony.
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The Boat People “Dear Darkly” – Album Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

Dear Darkly – The Boat People
  It’s hard to decide where to start praising The Boat People’s new album, “Dear Darkly”. The well established Brisbane four-piece has produced an album fluent in the art of quirky pop, a nicely eclectic mix of songs.

The album kicks off with the extremely enjoyable “Under the Ocean” with plenty of “ooohs” and floaty-sounding vocals, coupled with some skilled guitar riffs. “Soporific” is one of the album’s most memorable songs with a great beat, tempo shifts and best of all, clever lyrics. I love the song’s use of intellectual sounding words to a catchy tune. “Boy you’re soporific, but is that your fault or mine? Things they used to be terrific, but now they’re barely anodyne.”

“Echo Stick Guitars” is an amazingly catchy track that starts out with synthesiser and almost robotic sounding high vocals which become loud and chanty for the chorus. The song switches tempo back and forth, showcasing a sound which can only be described as unique. Sure, the lyrics mightn’t always make sense (“Hey champions, hey violins, hey echo stick guitars”) but this shouty pop song had me singing along for the chorus.

“Antidote” is somewhat reminiscent of a Kisschasy love song with its subtle vocals and rolling drums. “Live in The Dark” has a somewhat bold psychedelic sound that’s as complex as it is likeable. “Too Much In My Mind” is an upbeat number with a catchy rhythm, some cutesy synth and fun lyrics about the downside of being too introspective. “Hidden Buses” takes a softer accoustic tone, complete with husky vocals.

Closing out the album, at six minutes long, “You Are Adored” is a musically diverse, romantic (albeit slightly long-winded) ditty that made my heart melt a little bit.

Dear Darkly” is a fantastic showcase of The Boat People’s scope for diverse, unconventional pop. From the sounds of this album, this band isn’t afraid from playing around with sounds and genres, and that is definitely a good thing.

DearDear Darkly – The Boat People

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