Tin Can Radio – 20 Date National Tour [Tour News]

  Dynamic Brisbane indie-dance/art-rock five-piece, Tin Can Radio, are celebrating the release of their debut Long-Player Chase the Sun, Hold the Night with a massive 20 date tour around metropolitan and regional Australia. The tour begins its west-cost leg on March 15, and spans over April and May of 2011. The album will be available for purchase in limited release during the tour, and in stores and on iTunes on APRIL 15.

The debut album, Chase the Sun, Hold the Night, is the accumulation of two acclaimed single-releases and many hard months in the studio. The 11 track LP runs a knife edge between accessible and fun, and ambitious and sonically challenging; journeying through dreamy landscapes, sing-along hooks, punchy guitar driven riffs and grinding dubstep breakdowns. It features remastered and retouched versions of the first singles Hot Trash and Days to Dust, which were both featured and played in 2010 on Triple J radio, as well as standout live favourite and latest single, “Skeletons”.

Skeletons by Tin Can Radio
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The Boat People – Dance to My Pain/ Antidote Double A-side Remix Package – CD Review

Review: Lana Harris

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  This double a-side release features tracks from the recently released Dear Darkly, creating a target audience of people who love The Boat people singles but who won’t commit to buying a full album, and fans who love The Boat People so much they’ll buy this just for the remixes of the two title tracks.

The CD opens with ‘Antidote’, which is a very sweet love song, a well crafted pop tune, and the last time on this CD that guitars are able to take the front of stage. From ‘Dance to My Pain’ and onwards through the remixes, synthesisation and beats take over. C’mon, Boat People, just admit it: you want to be a dance act. Sure, sure, not a traditional dance act,

but a revitalised, fresh, Aussie pop influenced electro outfit who, every so often, get to wear a furry animal costume on stage – even if it’s done in the spirit of irony.
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Montpelier ‘Last Boat’ Single Review

Review: Lana Harris

  With a surreal seascape cover and references to a great songster, Montpelier capture interest with their new release before a single note has been played. The song is ‘Last Boat’ and it’s a taste of the four piece indie pop rockers’ upcoming EP due out in April 2011. With one EP under their belt, local touring and a feature on Triple J’s unearthed program, Montpelier have set out to catch some new fans with this ode based on the drowning of musician Jeff Buckley in 1997.

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Cloud Control, Seekae and Deep Sea Arcade @ The Metro, Sydney 15 October 2010 – Live Review & Photos

Review: Natalie Salvo
This was a farewell gig of sorts for Cloud Control as the Blue Mountains-via-Sydney band are temporarily relocating to the UK ahead of the overseas release of their debut album. Starting off with more of a fizzle than a bang, 7:00pm had been listed as the start time yet the punters (mainly young teenage girls in florals and itsy bitsy shorts vying for the “ indie cred” tag) were left whiling away the time listening to Blondie’ s greatest hits. It wasn’t all bad though; because we were treated to watching some rather animated bartenders dancing along to Ms Harry and Co.
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The Boat People “Dear Darkly” – Album Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

Dear Darkly – The Boat People
  It’s hard to decide where to start praising The Boat People’s new album, “Dear Darkly”. The well established Brisbane four-piece has produced an album fluent in the art of quirky pop, a nicely eclectic mix of songs.

The album kicks off with the extremely enjoyable “Under the Ocean” with plenty of “ooohs” and floaty-sounding vocals, coupled with some skilled guitar riffs. “Soporific” is one of the album’s most memorable songs with a great beat, tempo shifts and best of all, clever lyrics. I love the song’s use of intellectual sounding words to a catchy tune. “Boy you’re soporific, but is that your fault or mine? Things they used to be terrific, but now they’re barely anodyne.”

“Echo Stick Guitars” is an amazingly catchy track that starts out with synthesiser and almost robotic sounding high vocals which become loud and chanty for the chorus. The song switches tempo back and forth, showcasing a sound which can only be described as unique. Sure, the lyrics mightn’t always make sense (“Hey champions, hey violins, hey echo stick guitars”) but this shouty pop song had me singing along for the chorus.

“Antidote” is somewhat reminiscent of a Kisschasy love song with its subtle vocals and rolling drums. “Live in The Dark” has a somewhat bold psychedelic sound that’s as complex as it is likeable. “Too Much In My Mind” is an upbeat number with a catchy rhythm, some cutesy synth and fun lyrics about the downside of being too introspective. “Hidden Buses” takes a softer accoustic tone, complete with husky vocals.

Closing out the album, at six minutes long, “You Are Adored” is a musically diverse, romantic (albeit slightly long-winded) ditty that made my heart melt a little bit.

Dear Darkly” is a fantastic showcase of The Boat People’s scope for diverse, unconventional pop. From the sounds of this album, this band isn’t afraid from playing around with sounds and genres, and that is definitely a good thing.

DearDear Darkly – The Boat People

Photo Gallery: The Boat People, Ball Park Music, Disco Nap @ The Troubadour, Brisbane – March 2010
CD Review: The Boat People – Echo Stick Guitars
CD Review: The Boat People – Soporific Single


  Dan Parsons’ debut album is less a case of boy meets girl but rather boy meets world. It’s a snapshot of someone who after spending his high school years emulating seventies heroes on a reel to reel eight track, leaves his bedroom and begins tumbling through one blinding, visceral experience after another.

What Parsons could grab hold of and pin down from experiences such as this, and his first brushes with the Brisbane music scene after growing up in country Queensland, inspired a drastic change to the primarily acoustic sounds that were on his 2008 mini-album Old Brown Shoe.


Photo Gallery: The Boat People, Ball Park Music, Disco Nap @ The Troubadour, Brisbane 13th March 2010

Photographer: Stephen Goodwin
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The Boat People
The Boat PeopleThe Boat People
The Boat People and Ball Park Music

The Boat People, Ball Park Music, Disco Nap @ The Troubadour, Brisbane 13th March 2010

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CD Review: The Boat People – Soporific Single

Review: Lana harris

The_Boat_People_Soporific_Single   This second single release from The Boat People is just as surprising as the first single ‘Echo Stick Guitars’ was. ‘Echo Stick Guitars’ showed an electronic, hip-hop side of the Brisbane based quartet. Anticipation and assumptions regarding future singles led to thinking that more of the same would naturally follow. Thwarting expectations, ‘Soporific’ is nothing like its predecessor. ‘Soporific’ is an aptly named track, mellow, laid back indie pop

with words that had me reaching for the dictionary a couple of times. A break from the lyrics, where guitarist Charles Dugan is given the limelight and solos forth, allows his technical capabilities to shine and gives the track a more complex feel.

The single comes with two B-sides, ‘Flower Water’ and ‘Stereo Pair’. ‘Flower Water’ flows even gentler than ‘Soporific’. It’s a song about waiting for someone who has left, and the questioning and emptiness that comes with it. The music echoes the lyrical content. It is instrumentally sparse, delicate, imbibed with cascading electronic tinkling through the chorus.
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CD Review: The Boat People – Echo Stick Guitars

Review: Lana Harris

The Boat People   Are The Boat People benefiting from all the media coverage of a certain method of arrival upon our land girt by sea? Like the refugee boats, they’ve recently taken a new direction, ending up in previously unexplored waters. The audio land about turn has definitely benefited The Boat People. Previously an Indie pop band, the new single ‘Echo Stick Guitars’ presents the four piece as Australian electro pop. The song made me feel like I was joyfully stumbling through a fluro hued platform game, the lack of depth made up for by the easy accessibility
to a steady beat that bounces you along. Robin Waters (who penned the tune) says he came up with the chorus (hey champions, hey violins, hey echo stick guitars) by stringing together heroic sounding words in a Tasmanian gorge at night. I’m wondering which other spooky Australian landscape inspired the velodrome reference later on.

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BIG SOUND 2009 Summit & Showcases : Free MP3 Downloads

BIG SOUND 2009 Summit & Showcases http://www.bigsound.org.au
  Download 20 free Big Sound – New Music Sampler tracks.by clicking the Big Sound image.

The Live program is bigger than ever this year, with over 60 acts, including Robert Schneider (The Apples in Stereo – USA), The Airborn Toxic Event (USA), Bob Evans (WA), Bertie Blackman (NSW), Old Man River (NSW), The Middle East (QLD) and more, taking the stage across two nights at 6 venues throughout the Fortitude Valley.

See www.bigsound.org.au for the full program of 60 live acts, and to book tickets.
(Artist List Below)
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Greenfest 5-7 June 2009 Brisbane Map and Timetable

View Greenfest map and program
Greenfest 2009
Click Here for Greenfest 5-7 June 2009 Brisbane Botanic Gardens Details

Greenfest Program Launch concert Sunday 26 April 2009 10am to 1pm

PLEASE NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for 5 April 2009. Due to heavy rain in Brisbane and continued heavy rain forecast through to Sunday , we have to advise the planned free concert and program launch will be postponed until Sunday April 26th. ****

Come and enjoy Australia’s leading new band The Boat People and family favourite Bunna Lawrie for free at the Greenfest 2009 program launch, as part of the Brisbane City Council’s community fair this Sunday 26th April 2009.
We have just received great support directly from the Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Achim Steiner. Read his letter encouraging the people of Brisbane to support World Environment Day at Greenfest and congratulating all those involved. View letter.
   boat people

Bring your friends and family to enjoy the following fun free Sunday morning together.
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Greenfest 5-7 June 2009 Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Get into Greenfest 5-7 June, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Greenfest presented by Brisbane City Council is Australia’s largest free green festival and place to come together for a cooler planet! Greenfest aims to stimulate awareness and action for a low carbon economy by supporting creativity in industry and the arts. Our theme for 2009 is “Community Warmth Can Cool the Planet!”

Greenfest is part of the UNEP Climate Neutral Network, a recognized Art for the Environment event and in 2009 is part of the Brisbane 150 and Queensland 150 celebrations.

It uniquely promotes the best of emerging music talent with some established masters amidst a sea of fresh energy and ideas. With over 50 acts on three stages, speakers, organic food, fashion, green-tech cars and 200 exhibitors, become the change you want on World Environment Day and the long weekend at Greenfest.

Greenfest is free for all areas and times. If you want to support emerging local talent and fresh energy for your planet, spread the word that participation counts and show your passion for the future at Greenfest.


The festival opens on Friday 5th June with a free World Environment Day concert and continues over the weekend with the following initial line up:

Ash Grunwald, Jeff Lang, Tame Impala, The Boat People, Little Scout, Kevin Borich, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Botanics, The Rocketsmiths, Mason Rack Band, Marshall & the Fro, Ange Takats, Tim Loydell & the Deckchairs, Mr Laneous & the Family Yah, Pear & the Awkward Orchestra, Banawuran, Golden Sound, 8 Ball Aitken, Trouble Karma Flow, Rachael Brady, The Reversals, Jason Lowe, Georgia Potter, Bunna Lawrie, Mark Easton, Jimmy Watts, Kim Churchill, Autumn Sun, Tom Richardson, Glass Towers and more!
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