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By Maria Bailey
The year was 1975. The Stooges had split and Iggy Pop was at his worst. No record contract, depressed, suicidal and smacked of his tits on heroin. He spent most of his time confined within a mental home battling his demons and trying to get some sort of normality back into his famously abnormal life. Good medicine arrived when former Stooges guitarist James Williamson proposed the idea for a demo album to help get Iggy’s legendry vocals back into the studio, back on the radio and back within the hearts of punk rockers across the world. Two years passed and in 1977 former Stooges front-man teamed with musical genius David Bowie to produce Iggy’s first solo records “The Idiot” and “Lust for Life.” Riding on their success, Kill City finally found recognition from Los Angeles based label Bomp! Records.
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Woodford Folk Festival – December 30th 2010 – Live Review [P2]

Review: Kenada Quinlan

[Photo Credit: Silvana Macarone]
  Following the licensed streets, the once closed Amphitheatre is showing tonight and as the clock strikes 8pm, Evil Eddie is on schedule. Interaction with the 10 row deep bouncing spectators is initiated with the first instalment of ‘Somebody Say Evil’. “That was a little self-indulgent but thank you!” smiles the lead man and ex-Buttefingers vocalist/songwriter Eddie Jacobson. Taking a back seat yet pivotal to the performance, Jacobson enjoys the company of his fellow comrade Toddy Spitfire as the two slickly pinball lyrics from one song to the next.

Charging through ‘Aint Love Grand’ and the addictive ‘Voices In My Head’, the vision becomes clear as the studio sounds are brought to life via a strong family of well equipped and known Brisbane musicians.With the crowd multiplying by the second, the festivities continue and the only exit from this show is to refresh yourself with the energy that has been freely given to you.
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Woodford Folk Festival – December 30th 2010 – Live Review [P1]

Review: Kenada Quinlan
Photo Credit: Silvana Macarone

The first day of blissful dry weather and the number of smiles has doubled at the sight of the sun. Tallulah Rendell’s first port of call before her 6 week tour of the continent is a string of gigs in the usual Woodford fashion. Strumming soft emotive of blues driven rock, the half-Australian, London based solo artist resembles the tones of PJ Harvey. Taking inspiration from an operatic era, Rendell’s quaintly captivating structures decide to haunt at instances, delivering momentary bouts of individualism.
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MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS Headline Shows – December 2010

  Marina & The Diamonds will be performing at Falls Festival, Field Day Festival and Southbound Festival. In addition Chugg Entertainment and XIII Touring are pleased to announce two exclusive sideshows @ The Hi Fi, Melbourne Tuesday 28th Dec and @ Factory Theatre, Sydney Thursday 30th Dec.

“Hailed as the new Kate Bush and certain to be one of 2010’s most ubiquitous tips, her debut album proves she’s got the depth of tunes and ideas to match the hype.”- The Guardian
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U2 @ Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane w/ Jay Z – 8 December 2010 – Live Review

Review: Lana Harris
Photo Credit: Stuart Blythe
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The crush down Caxton St at five pm begins the stadium size spectacle that will be U2 and Jay-Z tonight. By the time Jay-Z takes the stage at 6.30pm, the standing room ticket area is already mostly full. Jay-Z lives up to his hype, resplendent in Gangsta Garb, sunglasses welded to his face, rap antics peppered throughout his set, a ten piece accompaniment to his words provided by drumming, saxophone, trumpet and keyboard among others. He’s playing early, to an audience mostly waiting to see a main act distinctly different in style. He copes well with this, managing to get hands in the air and ladies spinning clothes above their heads during the one hour set. ‘On to the Next One’ and ’99 Problems’ get the crowd going, and ‘Forever Young’, covered in an ode to Notorious B.I.G, is also popular. Throughout the set the bass is massive, pummeling the throat, rattling hearts against rib cages. He exits the stadium in a stretch golf buggy.
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