Nick Batterham [Self Titled] – Single Review

Review: Victoria Nugent


Second Lovers
This unnamed single is intended as a taste of Nick Batterham’s debut solo album Second Lovers due out in October, and it shows a skilled collection of laidback folk from the singer songwriter.

Batterham is a former member of Blindside and The Earthmen, and in more recent years has been doing sound design, producing music for film and TV and playing guitar for Cordrazine.

The disc kicks off with ‘Dragonfly’, a melodic folk tune with simplistic lyrics and gentle acoustic guitar. ‘From Now On’ starts with a slow piano intro, with husky,

slightly gravelly vocals giving the song a melancholic feel. The occasional chime of bells adds to the atmosphere, as does the addition of slightly seventies sounding electric guitar.

‘Spiders’ brings out Batterham’s darker side, featuring deep gritty vocals with dark-sounding, muttered lyrics like “Slap dash, drunk pash, throw your knickers in the trash,” and a bit of an electro undercurrent. Final track ‘Seven Sins’ is sweetly melodic with a chilled out vibe, acoustic guitar and soulful lyrics.

Overall, the single is a bite-sized piece of dark indie folk with the promise of more good stuff to come.

Review: Victoria Nugent

Artist Website: Nick Batterham

SecondSecond Lovers – Nick Batterham

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