Bec Plath – Nightfall | EP Review

Brisbane vocalist Bec Plath has an amazing voice. On her second EP Nightfall she puts her vocal prowess to good use, sweeping through strong melodic rock ballads, with her voice the strongest element of each song.

Shockwave Festival – 4 June 2011 – Live Review

In 2009 in the outback town of Blackall, a youth festival was born, celebrating creative arts and providing young artists in western Queensland with a chance to perform. Since then, the festival has slowly grown and on Saturday a crowd of 500 turned out for the day…

Buddy Miller- Majestic Silver Strings [Album Review]

American country singer Buddy Miller’s latest offering Majestic Silver String feels like less of an album than a country music compilation with an extensive roster of guest vocalists filling out the tracks.

The Bohemian Masquerade Ball @ The Old Museum, Brisbane 9th October 2010 – Live Review

It wasn’t a typical night out, but as the Old Museumin Bowen Hills came alive for the Bohemian Masquerade, it promised to be a spectacular evening…