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Interview: Carly Dickenson – Vocalist / Producer / Electronic Artist

Interview by Life Music Media
Carly Dickenson is launching her debut EP ‘Still Life’ at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane on May 16 2012. Life Music Media invites you to Take Five with… Carly Dickenson

:: What track changed your life ::
Roads by Portishead. It’s part of what inspired me to focus on vocal driven trip hop.

:: What is your favourite Album ::
Faithless Outrospective

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Imogen Heap

:: Favourite Quote ::
I am always better than I think and stronger than I believe
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Renée Geyer – Renéessance – June, July 2009 Tour

Renée Geyer – Renéessance
Liberation Blue Acoustic Series

“I’ve avoided doing this album for a long time for the simple reason that I’ve already done these songs. I finally said yes ’cause we agreed to do it live at my keyboard player’s house: just set up like an acoustic gig and play. People tend to like the intimacy of that. It has a certain energy and I think it works.”

Intimate doesn’t mean gentle, as the opening salvo of Renéessance makes bracingly clear. Untreated and unaccompanied, Renée Geyer’s full-throttle entry into the reggae classic, Dedicated To The One I Love, serves notice of an album easy on amps but as highly charged as her most soulful work.
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Chris Isaak Bio

Chris Isaak


From crooning pop to retro-cool rock, multi-platinum seller Chris Isaak is a man of many personas – a gifted musician and vocalist, host of his own TV show, acclaimed actor, a consummate showman and charismatic all-round great guy!

Isaak is also a platinum-selling artist with nine extraordinary albums, twelve singles and two Grammy nominations under his belt.

His legendary shows with long-time band Silvertone have entertained legions of loyal fans for more than two decades. Known for his wonderfully-entertaining stage presence, the charismatic performer and his band of 20 years is recognised by such classics such as ‘Wicked Game’, ‘Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing’, ‘Somebody’s Crying’ and ‘Blue Hotel.’

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