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Renée Geyer – Renéessance – June, July 2009 Tour

Renée Geyer – Renéessance
Liberation Blue Acoustic Series

“I’ve avoided doing this album for a long time for the simple reason that I’ve already done these songs. I finally said yes ’cause we agreed to do it live at my keyboard player’s house: just set up like an acoustic gig and play. People tend to like the intimacy of that. It has a certain energy and I think it works.”

Intimate doesn’t mean gentle, as the opening salvo of Renéessance makes bracingly clear. Untreated and unaccompanied, Renée Geyer’s full-throttle entry into the reggae classic, Dedicated To The One I Love, serves notice of an album easy on amps but as highly charged as her most soulful work.
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