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Splendour in the Grass TV connected by Telstra


Splendour in the Grass TV connected by Telstra
With Live Performances from
blur and Royal Blood
And featured sets from
Of Monsters and Men, Peking Duk, Jarryd James
Sunday July 26th, 5pm – Midnight (AEST)

If you are a lover of all things music, but won’t be heading to this year’s Splendour in the Grass, never fear, your mates at Telstra have your back…

Telstra are partnering with Splendour to create Splendour In The Grass TV!
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Bertie Page Clinic – Kaftan Party (Official Music Video)

Crack a tinnie and pop open a jar of cocktail olives, because there hasn’t been a shindig like this since Don’s Party.

Bertie Page Clinic are back with a brand new single inspired by those parties your parents went to in the Seventies. You know the ones where cheese fondue flowed like lava and you put your keys in a bowl for some reason…
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At Fates. – ‘Pointless Philosophy’ (Official Music Video)

Adelaide based Alternative Metal/Progressive Rock outfit At Fates. (formerly At Fates Mercy), have just released their stunning new film clip for latest single ‘Pointless Philosophy’ and have announced a run of Australian tour dates.
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The Grates – ‘Team Work Makes The Dream Work’ Tour – August 2015

To celebrate to the recently announced ‘Team Work Makes The Dream Work’ Australian east coast tour, The Grates release their deliciously romantic new video for latest single ‘Call Me’.

Pop a bottle and raise a glass, light some candles, scatter some rose petals and of course, no date night is complete without a selection of the finest supermarket brand cheeses, The Grates’ new clip is sure to get you in the mood for love.
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HOUND release Debut Album ‘Dying in the Sun’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Despite the obvious ties to the Brisbane climate, ‘Dying in the Sun’ takes a little more of an existential route than the literal “dying in the sun” that you go through every summer in lovely Brisbane. The songs touch on some lightly nihilistic tendencies whilst attempting to steer clear of preachy, political manifestos. Although the final track, ‘Fair Shake’, touches on some quasi-political themes, lyrically Hound prefer to tap into ideas that can be connected with on a personable level. ‘God is Calling’, ‘Something Else’, and ‘Gamekeeper’ are good examples of this. A song like ‘Concrete’ on the other hand indulges in a stronger and more positive theme.

Track 2: Gamekeeper

The four members got to the point of being happy with the tracks, so they acquired local legend/tone king Sean Cook (Plutonium Studios) who hit record as Hound played around with as many pedals as they could find. What they ended up with are 10 songs that encapsulate a time in their lives that was equally exciting, crushing and dynamic.

Listen to the full album here!

Connect with HOUND at https://www.facebook.com/HOUNDBRIS