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Q&A with Karl S. Williams

Karl S. Williams
Currently on tour (November-December 2014) in support of his new album ‘Heartwood’, KARL S. WILLIAMS took time our for LifeMusicMedia…

:: What track changed your life ::

Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground by Blind Willie Johnson. A wordless and primitive expression of pure beauty. It showed me that all artifice could be done away with and the song could be whittled to its core, transcending even language.

:: What is your favourite Album ::

Probably Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here. I have listened to it a million times and it always works.
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Q&A with The Floating Bridges

The Floating BridgesQueensland’s premiere 5 piece roots, rock, reggae outfit The Floating Bridges are recently released their explosive new single ‘Eloquence’ (video clip below).

The band – Dale, Cale, Dan, Jimmy and Johnny – took time out to answer a few questions for LifeMusicMedia.com

:: What track changed your life ::

Banapple Gas – Cat Stevens (Dale)

:: What is your favourite Album ::

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (Cale)
Powderfinger – Vulture Street (Dale)
Incubus – Science (Dan)
Nirvana – Nevermind (Jimmy)
Led Zeppelin – II (Johnny)

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Q&A with Nathan Persal – The Dawn Chorus

dawn chorus
After the recent release of their new single “Plain Song” (video clip below) we caught up with The Dawn Chorus‘s Nathan Persal.

:: What track changed your life ::

“Enter Sandman” Metallica

:: What is your favourite Album ::

“Fight For Your Mind”, Ben Harper
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Interview with Danielle Spencer – Hopeful, Excited and Ready

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Australian singer/songwriter Danielle Spencer, currently on her “The Alone & Together” tour with Steve Balbi, is set to release her 6 track acoustic EP on November 18th (2011).

Danielle Spencer chats with Life Music Media.

You’ve been in the studio recently to record acoustic remakes of tracks from your first album ‘White Monkey’. How did this come about?
When I got back out on the road and starting playing some shows last year there were a lot of requests for tracks from my debut album ‘White Monkey’ and so we started playing them live and then people starting asking where they could buy them. The album was released in 2001 through EMI and is now deleted and largely unavailable, so I decided to record a 6 track acoustic EP which is available for sale at all the shows and online from November 18.
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Take Five With… Bev Killick

Bev’s life has become all about boobs since she landed a role in the much-aired Berlei Ad for the Uplifting Tour of Australia and was asked to perform as a Bosum Buddy of Busting Out! Of course she accepted the Busting Out! offer and has now toured for the last 4 years in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and Edinburgh Festival. Bev is also doing solo stand up shows around the nation.

Take Five With… Bev Killick

Tell us a bit about your current show ::
I am currently back into Stand Up after touring extensively with Busting Out! I’m enjoying the freedom of expression.

:: Who is your favourite comedian? ::
Joan Rivers,she doesn’t censor herself and is my hero for that reason. I adore her!!!

:: Where do you find inspiration? ::
Life around me. You never know when a good bit or routine pops out of the blue. On a tram,on holiday,taking kids to school,talking with mates.

:: What is your favourite type of heckler? ::
The one that shuts up after you’ve made the perfect comeback.

:: What is the most memorable production or performance you have seen – something that really inspired you? ::
In the early days of my career I would sit and watch Live Stand Up around Melbourne and Sydney. I love a good live stand up show. Inspirational people to me back then were Vince Sorrenti, Judith Lucy, Rachel Berger, Pommy Johnson, Fred Lang, Darren Sanders.. to name a few.

:: Name a comic that you’d really love to support / tour with ::
Wayne Brady I have supported before,and would love to again. Joan Rivers would be a dream come true.

:: When you were younger you wanted to be ::
A Clown…….nothing else. I even told my Careers advisor that at highschool. I was called to the Principal’s office. They thought I was being a smart alec.

:: The best boredom buster is ::
Gardening. I love it. And I’ve been playing Words with Friends lately. It’s good when you’re on the road.

:: Biggest influence ::
Live Stand Up

:: Favourite website ::
Facebook…..an anything where you book a good holiday.

:: Favourite band? ::
The Jacksons

:: Favourite album? ::
Trini Lopez

:: Favourite food? ::
Homemade comfort cooking eaten with family and friends. Slow food.

:: Favourite drink? ::
At present a Sauvignon Blanc.

:: Favourite place? ::
Ghent, Belgium. Broome comes a close second.

:: Favourite season? ::
Late Spring.

:: Favourite book ::

:: Favourite film ::
The Color Purple

:: Your biggest aspirations ::
To be recognised as an actor as well as a comedian. To be cast in a Film or series.

:: Best piece of advice you’ve received ::
Be friends with everyone. You never know who you’re shaking hands with.

What’s next for Bev Killick?
Off on a working holiday on a P and O Cruise with my son. LA in November 2011 with Busting Out!

Take Five With… Kat Henry | Interview

By – Pepa Wolfe

Take Five With… Kat Henry

Questions of family and loyalty crushed against the palpable spectre of hate crime and social violence; the QTC production of Orphans is currently receiving rave reviews. With an award-winning script by London playwright Dennis Kelly and in the hands of an exhilarating ensemble, this intense thriller is astounding Brisbane audience’s night after night.

At the helm of this visceral piece is director Kat Henry, who recently directed The Ugly One for indie company 23rd productions at Metro Arts. From within the swell of the Orphans experience, the NIDA graduate and Artistic Director of Stella Elektrika shared her thoughts with Life Music Media.
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Take Five With… Gillian Cosgriff | Interview

by: Pepa Wolfe
Life Music Media invites you to

Take Five With… Gillian Cosgriff

After a great reception at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, shiny WAAPA graduate and singer-songwriter with a penchant for quirky comedy, Gillian Cosgriff is excited to be returning to Brisbane with her own special brand of cabaret in Waitressing, and Other Things I Do Well. Fresh from an ash cloud-imposed cross-country tweet-fest and quite possibly about to do another, Cosgriff took the time to chat with Life Music Media.
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Take Five With… Kat Davidson

By: Pepa Wolfe
Take Five With… Kat Davidson

Over the next three weeks, The Sit Down Comedy Club is presenting Ladies Comedy Night, featuring some of the best stand up around, male or female! With the likes of Kat Davidson, Fiona McGary and Melinda Buttle serving up the laughs, the stage is set for rollicking good time.

Life Music Media caught up with the super sly, super tall, super funny Kat Davidson on eve of their first show.
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