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Live Review | Something For Kate + Courtney Barnett @ Unibar, Wollongong – 29 May 2013

Review by Amy Lee Freshwater
A varied crowd aging from early twenties to people old enough to be parents of the band themselves congregate at the Unibar in Wollongong to see Something for Kate (SFK), a town SFK haven’t visited since 2009. This kind of group creates a lovely atmosphere at a gig, people of many ages and backgrounds coming together to enjoy music from a band that have been consistently impressive for twenty years. There is not a doubtful mind in the room, SFK are sure to impress once again on this chilly May night.

First up is Melbourne lady-rocker Courtney Barnett. Nobody is complaining about the trend of female singer songwriters coming out of Australia at the moment, and Barnett can be added to the list of up-and-comers if she isn’t already. With a powerhouse vocal ability and songwriting skills she blew away the audience that had arrived early. Highlight was her latest single Avant Gardener, which she explained was about the time she was gardening and ended up in hospital and includes funny lyrics like “the neighbours must think we run a meth lab”. Barnett is a great addition to the SFK tour.
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Album Review: Deep Purple – “Now What?!”

Review by Carl Dziunka
When you list the great names of rock music from across the decades, Deep Purple has got to be hovering close to the top. Blasting out rock numbers for more than 40 years they have certainly found the formula for success. Releasing the long awaited new album; this comes 8 years after the Rapture of the Deep album released in 2005; the magic is still as strong. With a title like Now What?! it makes you wonder whether the band is thinking that they have done it all. Well actually, they probably have. The current line up works well together and this can be heard from the new 11 tracks that they have laid down.
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