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Album Review: Karnivool – Asymmetry

Review: Billy Geary
When Sound Awake was released in 2009, Karnivool began to receive acclaim on an international scale, with the record’s more expansive sound resonating with fans of progressive music worldwide. It was a huge step forward for the band when compared to their debut, signalling their establishment as one of Australia’s most innovative bands. Appropriately titled, Asymmetry sees the band change tack again – moving towards a sound of dissonance and adventure, while still retaining the melody of their past releases.
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Album Review: Jericco – “Beautiful in Danger”

Debut albums are always difficult to execute for they lay out the musical platform for all aspiring bands and send out a clear statement of what the band is about. Whilst an average debut may not necessarily mean the end of a band, it can set their progress backwards. As a debut album Beautiful in Danger does not set Jericco back at all. In fact it does the complete opposite. Jericco fits quite nicely into the Australian progressive rock genre that has been pioneered by a handful of other bands. This debut cements their place amongst those bands and begins the slow process of becoming a top Australian band. The album sounds simple enough, but the devil is in the detail. Critical examination of every track reveals that simplicity is a difficult process to accomplish. Heavy drum sections coupled with bass lines that hook listeners achieve the desired outcome of getting everyone dancing.
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Q&A with Caitlin von Berky – Belltalk

Q&A with Caitlin von Berky, vocalist of alternative pop band Belltalk.

:: What track changed your life ::
Lover – Sonia Dada. It’s the first song I remember singing.

:: What is your favourite Album ::
Grizzly Bear – Vekatimest
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