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Photo Gallery + Review | Diego El Cigala @ Concert Hall QPAC, Brisbane – August 22, 2014

Photos and words by Jose Eduardo Cruz
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Live Review: Falls Festival 2013 – Byron Bay – Festival Wrap Up

Review by Merinda O’Brien / Jose Eduardo Cruz
The final day of the first ever Falls Festival Byron Bay came with the sadness that this great event was coming to an end. Today once again had a massive line-up to cherish and delight. Whilst the numbers did significantly reduce throughout the week, today was nevertheless just as busy, but with a bit more room to dance.

Bunkering down at the main stage once again we captured the tail end of Bombino’s set which was pumping and we only wished could have caught the entire performance. Emma Louise was brilliant and the stage backdrop added an amazing feel to her sound. This brought Solange on the stage, who just happens to be Beyonce’s younger sister. She brought a lot of flare and left no doubt as to how talented her entire family is.
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Falls Festival 2013 – Byron Bay – Day 1 Wrap

Review by Merinda O’Brien / Jose Eduardo Cruz
FF13 The inaugural edition of Falls Festival, Byron Bay, launched in the midst of the stunning North Byron Parklands. The parklands, particularly the natural amphitheater in which the main stage is set, are a befitting setting for a festival that has always provided excellent music amongst nature. No doubt Byron Bay has captured the essence and sprit of the festival formerly held in only Lorne and Marion Bay.

Given the heat waves that have been hitting Northern NSW over the last couple of weeks; the crowds in mid afternoon were still very timid. It took British duo, The Correspondents, to begin to warm up the crowd in anticipation for the new year. Their trade mark British sound and high energy immediately enticed a sizable contingent of revelers to the front of the stage.
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Album Review: Madre Monte – “Raza:Madre”

Melbourne has been responsible for constantly producing great bands over the years. Madre Monte upholds this responsibility alive and well with their latest EP Raza:Madre.

The influx of Colombian migrants into Australia over the last decade has seen an outpouring of cultural exchange, in particularly, musical exchange that it is beginning to fit seamlessly into the Australian musical landscape. Madre Monte formed in Melbourne, but their origins begin in Cali, Colombia, and it is from here that this beautiful music takes its cue. What makes this release so special is that Madre Monte mixes English and Spanish lyrics quite easily making their music very accessible to the wider Australian music audiences.
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Album Review: Los Chavos – “Supermeng”

Canberra based Latin ska/cumbia outfit, Los Chavos, deliver their first long play and follow on in the great tradition of Australian Latin bands like Watussi and San Lazaro. Whilst this release is completely in Spanish, don’t let that deter you from picking this outstanding Australian Latin release. Supermeng is a mature release that reflects the evolution of Los Chavos as an experienced outfit. There are slight influences from Manu Chau, Calle 13 and Juanes which will delight every Latin music lover in Australia. Supermeng starts with an upbeat “Carlos Calvo” and builds up hitting a crescendo with a good paced merengue “Como Puedo”. The closing track “Reina” is a soulful exploration of love which closes an excellent debut for Los Chavos.
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Album Review: Jericco – “Beautiful in Danger”

Debut albums are always difficult to execute for they lay out the musical platform for all aspiring bands and send out a clear statement of what the band is about. Whilst an average debut may not necessarily mean the end of a band, it can set their progress backwards. As a debut album Beautiful in Danger does not set Jericco back at all. In fact it does the complete opposite. Jericco fits quite nicely into the Australian progressive rock genre that has been pioneered by a handful of other bands. This debut cements their place amongst those bands and begins the slow process of becoming a top Australian band. The album sounds simple enough, but the devil is in the detail. Critical examination of every track reveals that simplicity is a difficult process to accomplish. Heavy drum sections coupled with bass lines that hook listeners achieve the desired outcome of getting everyone dancing.
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EP Review: Born Lion – “Born Lion”

Although the individual members of this outfit have previous experience in the music scene, Born Lion have a short history as a musical project. The first three tracks of this release are punchy, punk, danceable and aggressive. The last two tracks contrast with the first three to the extent that a question of musical direction needs to be asked. What is Born Lion trying to achieve through this self-titled release? If it is a matter of getting their material out and listened to, then this is a great release. The EP is raw and filled with incredible talent that simply needs to be refined. This EP is a demonstration of what Born Lion will become and what they have to offer as an outfit.
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Falls Festival 2010 – Festival Review

by Jose Eduardo Cruz

This was my first Falls Festival and it was an event that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Absolutely everything that was put in place by the organisers was solely for the enjoyment of the 16,000 attendees. I would find it really hard to find something negative to say about the whole experience.

Firstly, the organising committee have to be given a massive thank you for putting such a high level event. From our arrival we were subjected to VIP treatment. VIP camping grounds, with warm showers may I add, which come in handy when the temperature plummets to 5 degrees. In typical Victorian style the weather fluctuated between 5 degrees at night to 41 degrees in the middle of the day.
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Falls Festival – December 30th, 2010 – Photo Gallery

Photographer: Jose Eduardo Cruz
Click the image to view the photo gallery

[Photos: Jose Eduardo Cruz]
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Josh Stuart of BEHIND CRIMSON EYES [Interview] – November 3, 2010

Interview: Jose Eduardo Cruz
Since forming in 2004, hard rock heavyweights Behind Crimson Eyes has clocked up 400+ shows, released 2 EPs, 2 albums, played major festivals and are currently in studio recording their new EP before seeing the year out by playing at Open Arms Festival – Coffs harbour, NSW on 20th November 2010.

Josh Stuart, frontman of Behind Crimson Eyes, takes time out for LIFE MUSIC MEDIA
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John Legend featuring The Roots “Wake Up” – Album Review

Review: Jose Eduardo Cruz
One of the most powerful mediums to communicate the general condition of your immediate world is art. Art takes on different forms and its success will ultimately be determined by its public appeal or lack thereof. Art layered with social commentary has the ability to influence public opinion. For example, the Hope stencil piece created during the Obama presidential campaign in 2008.

African American history shows that black artists have had the ability to create transcendent music inspired by their surroundings and relevant political climate. Such music was prevalent during the 60’s and 70’s in response to the civil rights movement and Vietnam War respectively.
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