Who What Where with The Little Stevies

  Luscious three-part harmonies soaring above striking melodies and catchy guitar hooks is the sound of Melbourne pop-darlings The Little Stevies. Each song’s a story you’ll want to hear again, as the personalities of all the band members come shining through. Cheeky, charming, moving.

Check out The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ [Video Clip] which is the first single from the album Attention Shoppers, due for release March 4, 2011.

Life Music Media asks The Little Stevies
Who, What or Where is…

:: Who is your favourite DJ ::
If you are not your own favourite DJ, there is no hope for you in life.

:: Who is your favourite Live Act ::
Saw Tim Rogers again at Woodford a few weeks ago and was reminded that the man has god-like powers of showmanship.

:: What track that changed your life ::
The running track at high school. I distinctly remember standing on it and thinking ‘I am definitely a musician’

:: What is your favourite Album ::
As far as complete albums go, Graceland is hard to beat.

:: What is your favourite Gadget ::
Inspector. Not the Mathew Broderick version. Is this a trick question? Or should Gadget be lower case?

:: What is your favourite Food ::
Anything not bought from a service station on the Hume Highway.

:: What is your favourite Drink ::
Free drinks.

:: Who is your favourite Author ::
George Eliot

:: What Book would you recommend ::
Middlemarch. Or the Inspector Gadget colouring book.

:: Who is your favourite Actor ::
Don Adams

:: What Film would you recommend ::
Our tour diaries. They will get a general release one day

:: What can we expect of The Little Stevies over the next few months?::
Lots of shows, a brand new album, a new film clip, many witty interviews and lots of meals from service stations on the Hume Highway.

The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ [Video Clip]
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