WAR by Degree South @ Brisbane Powerhouse – May 2010

There are currently over forty conflicts or wars taking place across the globe but some are barely known at all. Australian photographers collective, Degree South bring attention to this topic when they bring their visually arresting exhibition, War, to Brisbane Powerhouse from Wednesday 5 to Sunday 30 May 2010.

Featuring works by Sean Flynn, Tim Page, Stephen Dupont, David Dare Parker, Jack Picone, Ben Bohane, Michael Coyne and Ashley Gilbertson, this exhibition attempts to reveal the impact war has on its victims, both civilians and military, whose lives are shattered by the conflicts they did not start and over which they have little control.

People and places are no longer protected or sacred and in much of the world it is now safer to be a soldier than an unarmed civilian. Often the only hope for change rests in the power of a photograph to deliver a critical humanistic message.

Degree South is a collective of dedicated and award-winning Australian documentary photographers who have covered conflicts from Vietnam in 1965 to present day Afghanistan. Often working at great risk to themselves, they have created images that have gone on to influence public opinion, make history and inspire us to find other ways to solve our differences.

The members of Degree South belong to a great tradition of Australian photographers of conflict, a prominent subject of Australian photography since the mid-nineteenth century. Some of the most iconic images in our national memory are of Australians at war and many of our most well-known photographers are war photographers so it makes sense that their passion for providing insight into the other side of war extends to conflicts overseas and in other cultures.

These kinds of images are those through which nations weave and retell their stories and remember historical events as well as national trauma. They show the human side of war instead of the wrongly glorified, nationalistic side of war often shown.

The late photographer, Sean Flynn, whose work is included in this exhibition, was the son of actor, Errol Flynn. He disappeared in Cambodia in 1970; an early victim of the Khmer Rouge. His documentation is characterised by its clarity and compassion, qualities the other members of Degree South emulate. They say these images are a tribute to Sean Flynn’s bravery and talent.

War will be shown at Brisbane Powerhouse from Wed 5 to Sun 30 May

More information available on 07 3358 8600 or online at brisbanepowerhouse.org

Date Wed 5 – Sun 30 May 2010

Time Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm + during performance times.

Venue Brisbane Powerhouse

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