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Molly Ringwald + Harry Shearer + Judith Owen Announced for Queensland Cabaret Festival 2016


Cult movie icon Molly Ringwald and actor and comedy-mastermind Harry Shearer (The Simpsons, Spinal Tap) have been announced as the headline acts for the Queensland Cabaret Festival 2016 line-up for Brisbane Powerhouse.
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Cat Power Announced as First Artist in Melt 2016 Line Up **Updated**

Cat Power Sun has been forced to cancel her forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, including her show at ‪#‎MELTQueerFest‬.

Cat Power a/k/a Chan Marshall suffers from Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) a potentially fatal rare blood disease that causes swelling around the throat, oesophagus and internal organs. Its the same condition which caused her to postpone some European dates in 2012 – all of which were rescheduled.

This is the first time in an 18 year touring history with Australia that Chan has been forced to postpone any shows and she is determined too make it back ASAP and in good health. All tickets for this tour will remain valid for the rescheduled dates which will be advised in the coming weeks.

Visit brisbanepowerhouse.org for all updates.
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Brisbane Powerhouse presents Grace Knight In Concert – July 2015

Fresh from a critically acclaimed reunion tour with her former band Eurogliders, ARIA award-winning performer Grace Knight will play an intimate solo show at Brisbane Powerhouse on Friday 31 July 2015.

According to Knight the evening will be a chance to share songs from her expansive back catalogue including classics such as Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”, Peggy Lee’s “Fever” and smash-hit “Heaven (Must Be There)”.
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Live Review – Lindsey Stirling @ Brisbane Powerhouse – August 24, 2013

Review and photos by Stephen Goodwin
There’s a long wait for rock-violinist Lindsey Stirling this evening at The Powerhouse — at least 15 minutes long, to be honest. For a touch over an hour, Kiwi DJ 1000 Ninjas labours manfully from a cubbyhole spot almost side-of-stage. In a club environment his chill-out grooves and odd samples would probably win a better reception, but this crowd is expecting action and movement, and that’s something beyond 1000 Ninjas’ scritchy-glitchy stillness tonight.

By contrast, Stirling is all movement. Over the course of an hour and twenty minutes she barely halts — whirling, twirling, jumping and pirouetting. Formal ballet it isn’t, still Stirling’s show is as much an act of dance as it is a musical performance. All with a carbon-fibre violin jammed under her left ear. And the capacity crowd — a peculiar mixture of young and old; gamers and geeks reflective of the diversity of her fanbase — laps it up.
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BRITNEY SPEARS: THE CABARET @ Brisbane Powerhouse | Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt
A cabaret show written about arguably the world’s most infamous and off the rails pop starlet, Britney Spears The Cabaret does not fail to deliver in any sense. Comic genius is coupled with unsettling and well timed truth-telling, while a masterful cabaret performance makes the show count as top notch entertainment.

Poking fun without being mean spirited, Britney Spears The Cabaret portrays Britney as a kind of manic but sweet-hearted, ditzy yet relatable character, and ultimately wins by ensuring that by the end of it all, the audience is completely head over heels for the leggy blonde.

Christie Whelan plays Britney who, along with her “court appointed pianist” Matty, tells the story of her life in the bright lights through words and song. Whelan’s voice is remarkable; strong, clear and containing just enough of Britney’s signature nasal accent to hark back to the original singer.
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So Frenchy So Chic @ Brisbane Powerhouse – 20 January 2012 | Live Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt
With a long developed reputation of class and French charisma, you could guess that tardy is not high on the list of characteristics organisers of the famed So Frenchy So Chic touring shows would want it to be associated with. Forty-five minutes after the last show of the 2012 tour was supposed to begin, however, Brisbane audiences could have been excused for thinking it while they waited outside the closed doors of the theatre.

After finally inviting us to file in and take our seats the bad news was broken; Asa, one half of the night’s double bill, was very ill and after failing to be able to complete sound check she had regretfully decided to pull out of the show. This left patrons with the choice of leaving, full refund in hand, or staying for an extended set by the show’s other half, French American band Moriarty.

While some did choose to walk and have their seats further toward the front happily filled by audience members who were initially in the back, the majority stayed to greet the well known blues band with cheers and smiles. Lead singer Rosemary Standley introduced the act, emotion evident in her voice as she dedicated their set to sick peer Asa. While it had evidently been a rushed preparation for their now twice as long set, Moriarty joked their way through the mix up in routine as they played a highly entertaining show.

Starting with “She’s Going to War”, the band comprised of a double bass, percussion, bass and electric guitars, the occasional keyboard, brilliantly played harmonicas and strong group vocals, showed off an extraordinary amount of energy for self described “jet lagged and weary travellers”. Standley oozed sensuality as they kicked off the slower song “Cotton Flower”, and the band began to look very comfortable on stage after their unexpectedly early beginning.

It wasn’t only front-woman Rosemary on show throughout the night, Moriarty proved that they are truly a musical ensemble, with each musician showcasing breathtaking talent on their instruments. For the most part, Stephan Zimmerli played the always favourite double bass and also chipped in a joke or jab at any quiet interval. Vincent Talpaert on drums was definitely the conductor of the band, though very much keeping himself inconspicuous off to the side, the rest of the band members looked to him for guidance on everything from the revised set list to keeping the beat. Charles Carmignac wowed the crowd with not only his guitar playing skills but his smooth dance moves and surprise whale noises, while Arthur B. Gillete, who with long sandy hair and a floppy gardener’s hat could easily be mistaken for Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, exuded cheerfulness and an evident love of making music. The highlight of the night was witnessing the talents of Thomas Puéchavy on the harmonica. Wearing a harmonica belt (similar to a tool belt, his held at least eight different harmonicas in leather pockets around his waist), he masterfully played harmonies and solos, adding a brilliant depth to the band’s sound.

After playing fourteen songs, Moriarty were cheered back on stage for an encore, any disappointment from the earlier events in the evening wiped from the audience’s mind. Finishing beautifully with an unplugged musical rendition of Austrian poet Ingeborg Bachmann’s “Long is the Night”, which Moriarty turned into a soft, crooning lullaby, the band took one final bow in front of a thrilled audience.

Review by Lauren Sherritt


Read our review of So Frenchy So Chic: Nouvelle Vague, Berry @ The Powerhouse, Brisbane June 14, 2010

So Frenchy So Chic In The Park @ Werribee Park Mansion, Melbourne – 15th January 2012

All photos by Naomi Rahim

Danika Smith + Snakadaktal @ Brisbane Powerhouse – 17 September 2011 | Photo Gallery

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Artists: Danika Smith , Snakadaktal
Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse
Date: 17 September 2011

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Bang Bang Boss Kelly – “Drunk & Happy” [LMMtv Video]

  Bang Bang Boss Kelly singing Drunk and Happy backstage at the Brisbane Powerhouse prior to their final residency
Video recorded by the students of Music Industry College.

Bang Bang Boss Kelly at facebook

LifeMusicMedia.com is creating a new feature portal, namely LMMtv.

LMMtv group [at Vimeo] is a place for bands/artists to submit a video of themselves performing a song of their choice, recorded on video as a raw live take.
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Music, Comedy and Art – 5 Free Events at Brisbane Powerhouse this Weekend 18-20 March 2011

Brisbane Powerhouse and Brispop present
The Residents – MUSIC
They’re fresh, they’re free and they’re moving in. Fridays are about to get a lot more interesting as some of the best Indie-Pop bands around stake their claim on the Turbine Platform. No ‘one night only’ gigs here. Each band will have an entire month to capture the hearts of Brisbane music lovers with a set every week. So, if you’re liking what you hear, come back again and again.
March: Bang Bang Boss Kelly
Every Friday in March 2011 @ 6pm
Turbine Platform

Saturday Sessions
Brisbane Powerhouse and Jazz Queensland present
Turbine Jazz MUSIC
Cool cats and smooth tunes, cross rhythms and bebop. Highlights in this program include Brisbane jazz trio Misinterprotato renowned for blending inspiring improvisations with pulsating grooves, acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Jeff Usher with his A Love Supreme Superband plus Indonesian-Australian collective Temannya si Deva led by master percussionist Deva Permana.
Sat 19 March 2011 – 5pm: Soundscapes
Turbine Platform
For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

Brisbane Powerhouse and Brispop.com present
Live Spark MUSIC
Sunday 20 March 2011 – 3.30pm: Luke Peacock + Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas
Turbine Platform
For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

Brisbane Powerhouse presents
Livewired COMEDY
Funny, free and freakin’ awesome.
We’re talking about Livewired, our free comedy program. In the past we’ve been entertained by the likes of Tripod, Josh Thomas, Wil Anderson, Gina Yashere, The Bedroom Philosopher and Stephen K Amos. Upcoming artists include Michael Chamberlin and more.
Warning: Livewired is open to all ages but is recommended for people aged 15 years and older. Some concepts and language may offend.
Sunday 20 March 2011 – 6.30pm: Special Guest
Turbine Platform
For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

Brisbane Powerhouse and Australian Centre for Photography present
The Christmas Tree Bucket: Trent Parke’s Family Album VISUAL
“It was there – while staring into that bright red bucket, vomiting every hour on the hour for fifteen hours straight – that I started to think how strange families, suburbia, life, vomit and, in particular, Christmas really was…” Trent Parke. So began Trent Parke’s latest and much-anticipated new body of work. The Christmas Tree Bucket is humour of the blackest hue. In a dazzling display of virtuoso storytelling Parke snaps the family rituals of Christmas with the in-laws and builds a gritty gothic tale of a nightmare lurking in the suburban shadows. Operatic in its vision and darkly satirical in its style, The Bucket is a photographic masterpiece destined for cult status. Trent Parke, the first Australian to become a Full Member of the renowned photographers’ cooperative Magnum Photo Agency, is considered one of the most innovative and challenging young photographers of his generation. He received numerous national and international awards, including five Gold Lenses from the International Olympic Committee and World Press Photo awards in 1999, 2000 and 2005. In 2003, Parke was awarded the prestigious international W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his series Minutes to Midnight.
Tue 1 – Sun 27 Mar
9am – 5am Mon – Fri + 10am – 4pm Sat + Sun + during performance times
Brisbane Powerhouse
For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

‘The Rat Trap’ Polytoxic @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 9th February, 2011 [Live Review]

Review by: Lana Harris

  Let me introduce you to The Rat Trap. Bull whipping, lampshade hanging, Siamese twin ninja fighting cabaret. Using a mix of circus antics, contemporary dance moves, ye olde piano music, silent movie explanation screens and good ol’ physical comedy, Polytoxic act out the seedy and sexy story of the dive known as The Rat Trap.

The Rat Trap is a ‘scratch work,’ the beginnings of a finished piece performed as part of the World Theatre Festival at the Powerhouse. The festival contains several of these still cooking pieces, enticing viewers with an unpolished taste of performer vision.

Polytoxic keeps a cracking pace through the show, including plenty of action designed to make the audience gasp and laugh. The result is an accessible piece where there’s nothing to ‘get’. Polytoxic make it clear to their audience that their sole purpose on stage during Rat Trap is not to send a message or explore deep, dark and meaningful themes, it’s to amuse the audience and have fun. The diversity of the performers, whose backgrounds range from theatre to dance to circus training, appears to be a strong feature in creating such an entertaining piece. The mix of talents twists intricacy and depth into the performance.

Polytoxic have been around since 2000, and have recently upped their numbers from a three piece to six performers. If the beginnings of The Rat Trap are anything to go by, the increase in entertainers will expand the possibilities of a group which are already known for their raw, energetic, and accomplished works.

Playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Sun 13 Feb 2011

Fri 11 Feb 7.15pm
Fri 11 Feb 8.20pm
Sat 12 Feb 7.15pm
Sat 12 Feb 8.20pm
Sun 13 Feb 5.45pm
Sun 13 Feb 8.45pm

Visit the Brisbane Powerhouse site for all details.

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Discover: Lion Island    [Explore Music]

  Lion Island are a 6 piece out of Brisbane. After two years of hard gigging, the band is a formidable live act and have recorded a debut album due for release in the coming months. The sound is full and dynamic with so many instruments, and their varied influences combined with solid pop sensibilities help make both entertaining and interesting music.

Genre: Rock/indie/new wave

Catch Lion Island live at the Brisbane Powerhouse every Friday in February 2011. Shows are free and all ages – more details at facebook.com/lionisland

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Robbins, Stilson and Molloy @ Brisbane Powerhouse 7-19 December 2010 [Comedy Event]

A-List Entertainment presents Robbins, Stilson and Molloy

After a sell-out Melbourne International Comedy Festival run Mick Molloy, Glenn Robbins and Jeff Stilson are taking their hilarious show on the road! After years of TV, film and radio appearances, the three comedians have gone back to their roots – standing behind a microphone in front of a roomful of punters. Three men, a microphone and 90 minutes of some of Australia’s best comedy.

Artists: Mick Molloy, Glenn Robbins and Jeff Stilson
Where: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
When: Tue 7th December – Sun 19 December 7.30pm
Cost: $29.90 – $39.90

For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org