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The Break – “Church of the Open Sky” [CD Review]

Review: Lana Harris

  Ah, the beach. Golden sands, blistering sunshine and pounding waves are all an integral part of Australian culture, so it’s perhaps surprising that we haven’t heard more surf rock acts spring up locally. Instead, the genre is much more heavily associated with American waves, Hawaiian surf shacks or perhaps the laid back vibes of San Francisco.

Well, The Break are out to change that. They’ve taken rockers who are a part of Australian culture (drummer Rob Hirst, guitarists Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey, from Midnight Oil) added in

an American who recently moved to Hobart (ex Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie) and created a surf rock record that should see Australia in general, and The Break in particular, usher in a resurgence of this laid back style of music. Continue reading The Break – “Church of the Open Sky” [CD Review]

Live Review : Rickie Lee Jones @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 31st May 2010

Review by Hannah Collins
Rickie Lee Jones
Rickie Lee Jones… um… who? She’s not on the regular radio rotation, nor is a household name, yet she’s been filling the air with her amicable sounds for the last 30 years. Her initial self titled album debuted at #3 on the US Billboard top 200; she’s received over 5 Grammy nominations and has featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.
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Mike Patton – “Mondo Cane” [CD Review]

Review: Ben Hosking

  The prolific Mike Patton returns with a project unlike any that have come before it. Sung entirely in Italian, the album ‘Mondo Cane’ features a 40-piece orchestra, choir and band.

Listeners have had hints of Patton’s multi-lingual abilities in the last, such as tunes found on earlier Faith No More releases. However, ‘Mondo Cane’ sees the twisted genius using his talents to pay homage to other songwriters, including his beloved Morricone, who penned the track ‘Deep Down’.

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Live Review – The Dillinger Escape Plan + Maylene and the Sons of Disaster at The Hi Fi, Brisbane 25 May 2010

Review: Hannah Collins

Following on from the destruction that took place at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Friday 21st, Sunday 23rd of May saw the malicious line up on the The Dillinger Escape Plan tour park their vans and load their gear into the rear of Brisbane’s Hi Fi.
With both headliner, and second support bands touring off the back of their latest releases, they’ve come; ready blow the house away with an arrangement of toxically destructive yet undeniably distinct songs. Maylene don’t’ look like your typical metal band, because they’re not. Neither are Dillinger. Both acts are well known for their pioneering ability to create and mould new genres of sounds, encompassing an array of metal, jazz, blues, rockabilly, punk and screamo. The collection of sounds we’re about to hear are unique only to the bands who’ve created them. Maylene are drilling to the core of traditional rock and metal and intently injecting an air of southern flair, quite familiar to their place of foundation; Burmingham, Alabama. While Dillinger, a much earlier conception, incorporate their own blend of metal (progressive, thrash, hardcore, punk) and jazz fusions to have become, the pioneers of what critics and fans alike now know as “math metal”. With such a partricular combination of artists, the show will surely be, as mind boggling and utterly intriguing as the bands themselves.
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Evergreen Terrace / Casey Jones / Dropsaw @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 22nd May 2010 [Live Review]

Review : Ms Morta
It came to my attention during the duration of tonight’s performance, that to be a musician in the hardcore punk scene, one must master the art of levitation.

Evergreen Terrace
[Photo: Silvana Macarone]
  Rocking up to The Hi-Fi Bar on this chilly Saturday night the crowd was already a buzz. Newcastle’s Dropsaw hit the stage running with their heavy hardcore sound to start the night. Having just released their 3rd album HARD JUSTICE, they busted through their short set comfortably, pleasing those early punters who wanted to let loose ASAP! It was obvious these boys were stoked to have been the support on such a great bill.

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Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig @ Bille Brown Studio, Brisbane 31 May – 26 June 2010

A stingingly witty romance tackling some weighty matters.

When Tom meets Helen in a crowded restaurant, their chance encounter soon develops into a full-blown romance.

Helen is beautiful, smart, funny and just a little on the large size. But to Tom’s self-obsessed work buddies, she’s just plain gross.

As office gossip about their relationship turns increasingly malicious, peer pressure leads to question whether his love for Helen outweighs the shallow stereotypes of his workmates. Continue reading Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig @ Bille Brown Studio, Brisbane 31 May – 26 June 2010

Review: Dillinger Escape Plan @ The Metro Theatre – Friday May 21, 2010

Review: Ben Hosking
A video camera appears at the front doors of the Metro Theatre on Sydney’s George Street and the assembled throng erupt with screams and cheers. The footpath is a fast-flowing river of regular folk, looking on curiously as the rag-tag gathering of music fans chant “Dillinger Escape Plan rawk!”

It’s a cold, rainy evening in Sydney’s CBD as hundreds stream into the iconic venue to witness a night of musical and at times, personal destruction courtesy of the US band mentioned above.
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Live Review: Ball Park Music, Blame Ringo, Tin Can Radio @ The Zoo, Brisbane 21 May 2010

Review: Ben Connolly

  Eclecticism is a menu item at The Zoo for a dreary winter’s night as Ball Park Music launch yet another release. The eclecticism takes a great leap into the abyss of craziness straight up, however, with first band Tin Can Radio’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink ethos. It’s genre mash-up pulled off almost to perfection, with elements of hip hop and dancehall melded with solid parts of rocking goodness. Instrument swapping and crowd-hyping antics sit comfortably along side

some serious head-banging and hair tossing, as they spend the first half of their short set sadly failing to entice the seemingly shy early crowd from getting down the front and dancing. The lack of response, however, failed to dent lead man Tom Wearne’s enthusiasm as he led his gang through numerous tension building jams and almost orgasmic rhythmic releases. His persistence finally paid off as, almost as one, the crowd came to life mid-set with new song Hot Trash and old favourite And Then Nothing filled the little dance floor with gyrating hips and floppy-haired bops. Ending with a shambolic number which showed the sheer joy of just barely keeping it together, TCR proved again how much of a delicious little secret this scene has been hiding. Continue reading Live Review: Ball Park Music, Blame Ringo, Tin Can Radio @ The Zoo, Brisbane 21 May 2010

Live Review: Tame Impala @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 14 May 2010

Review: Jose Eduardo Cruz

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[Photo: Charlyn Cameron]
  Given that this was a Friday night in Brisbane and it was getting colder by the minute, I wasn’t expecting such a big turn out tonight. But to my surprise the venue was three quarters full and a great atmosphere had already begun to build prior to the headliners entering the stage.

I managed to catch a good part of The Silents’ set which was a good appetizer before the main meal. Very gentle sounds

and everything that a good warm up band should contain. Good sounds, ok mix and great potential to be the headliner in a couple of years.

Tame Impala get onto the stage as if they were walking into their living room to sit down for a jam in front of their friends. Bare feet, smiles and a few beers in hand they each position themselves and prepare. It is so noticeable that it needs to be mentioned, as soon as the first note is played each of the members’ face completely changes and a focused look falls onto their appearance. Gone is the joker side and game face appears. Their eyes say that the one thing that they all came here to do is upon them and the time has arrived to celebrate. Continue reading Live Review: Tame Impala @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 14 May 2010

Florence and the Machine Touring Australia – July/August 2010

Australia has fallen hard for Florence and the Machine. Since her debut tour as this year’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival headline act, the passion with which local fans have flocked to be a part of the Florence and the Machine experience, has been electric. Never one to disappoint, Florence and the Machine return to Australia this July for an encore tour that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Continue reading Florence and the Machine Touring Australia – July/August 2010

Shwayze featuring Cisco Adler announce Australian Tour – June 2010

Illusive Entertainment announced that LA trendsetters and rulers of indie hip-hop – Shwayze and Cisco Adler – are returning to Australia after their brief sold out East Coast tour of Australia in February. The June dates will see the duo taking in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and for the first time, Adelaide and Perth.

Shwayze (a.k.a Aaron Smith) and his partner in crime, Cisco Adler, are no overnight success story. Shwayze’s self-titled debut album ushered the unlikely duo to unlikely heights. A string of multiple hits (Buzzin’, Corona and Lime) fueled by millions of internet plays carried them to top ten album sales, landed them a coveted slot on the Vans Warped Tour, and turned them into reality television stars on MTV.

In early 2010, Shwayze and Cisco released their highly acclaimed sophomore album, Let It Beat, which quickly propelled them to a whole new level. The first single, Get U Home, was the feature song for the ’09 film Sorority Row. Since then, Shwayze has gone on to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, performed on Good Morning America, as well as being featured in a nation wide ad campaign for Pontiac Vibe. In a twelve-month span that has seen him sell two million singles and headline festivals like the Vans Warped Tour and Bamboozle, it’s evident that Shwayze’s breath of fresh air has been welcomed with open arms – the same arms that carry him atop wild moshpits on a near daily basis.

The Knux The now-LA-based, New Orleans hip-hop duo, are the new comers on the scene and quickly building a massive buzz. From losing their family home in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when the guys got signed to Paul Rosenberg’s Management Company (Blink-182 & Eminem) and inking a record deal with Universal Music. In the summer of ‘07 the guys would finish up their debut album, and hit the road with Common on his Finding Fever tour. Since then, the guys haven’t looked back. With music that channels as acts as diverse as Outkast, Tha Pharcyde or The Strokes, they have created a truly unique sound. Catch The Knux on their first Australian Tour.

Shwayze featuring Cisco Adler
The Knux
Dj Jason Smith
Australia – June 2010

Tickets on sale from Thursday 20th May 2010

Thursday 17th June 2010 Tivoli BRISBANE 18+
Ticketek 132 849 or www.ticketek.com.au

Friday 18th June 2010 Home The Venue SYDNEY 18+
BUY TICKETS: Click here for Moshtix

Saturday 19th June 2010 The Espy MELBOURNE 18+
Oztix 1300 762 545 or www.oztix.com.au

Thursday 24th June 2010 HQ ADELAIDE 18+
Venuetix 8225 88 88 or www.venuetix.com.au

Friday 25th June 2010 Villa PERTH 18+
BUY TICKETS: Click here for Moshtix