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FUTURE ISLANDS announce Australian Tour – December 2017

Synth-Pop icons Future Islands are heading to Australia to perform shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this December. The band will also appear at Fairgrounds Festival, Meredith Music Festival and Fidelity Festival.
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Video Feature | Meredith -‘Jumpin Beds’

Always unpredictable yet consistent in her approach, Brisbane singer/songwriter Meredith is one of the alternative pop world’s most enthralling new muses. Effortlessly fusing lo-fi indie pop production and folk influenced lyricism, her recent single ‘Jumpin Beds’ proved to be a flawless introduction to the mysterious new artist, and its accompanying music video is now here to give a further glimpse into Meredith’s world.

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Meredith 23 line up announced!

The GARDEN OF GOOD TIMES that is the Meredith23 Lineup is (way) out now. So are Round One Ballot Results.

Ballot Round Two Now Open
The Ballot is still Open To All Comers and can be freely and easily entered at www.mmf.com.au until 23:23 (11:23pm) Tuesday 20 August 2013. Round Two results will be out soon after that.

Meredith23 is still proudly BYO, no commercial sponsors, the No D!ckhe@d Policy, One Stage Fits All, world’s-best-practice facilities and all the marvelocities of the lush, spacious Funpark that is the Supernatural Amphitheatre – with
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Meredith Music Festival 2013 – First Artist Announcement!

Meredith23. For the very first time. Three daze and two nites in 4D at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, with all the (un)usual trappings. Plus! One of the greatest hitmakers in music history and his uber-band playing two hours of live funky disco r’n’b pop soul rolled gold heaven, to crown Saturday Nite Like Never Before. And! Something heavier, slower and more innovative than just about Anything.

Did you know there’s a widely-held belief that of all the happenings and events that occur in the known universe, most are directly connected to the number 23?? These Happenings include “Ballot Open“, “CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers”, “Melvins” and “full lineup in 23 days*”.

Meredith Music Festival 23
December 13, 14 and 15, 2013
Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, Meredith Victoria, Australia
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Meredith 2012 Music Festival line up announced!

Just in case the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is right and the world really does end on the 21st of December, Meredith 2012 will host a eucalyptic, pre-apocalyptic neuvo classic charismatic flyin’ purple people eater bush rave-up Happening before-during-and-after-pArty, featuring the crackest squad of musical mavericks yet assembled in The Sup’, with WILD, FUNNER FUN as commonominator: o yeah baby….it’s PRIMAL SCREAM! FOUR TET! GRIMES! SPIRITUALIZED! SUNNYBOYS! TURBONEGRO! And a ZILLION other ZINGERS… please read on for details. More tea, Vicar?

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