Meredith 2012 Music Festival line up announced!

Just in case the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is right and the world really does end on the 21st of December, Meredith 2012 will host a eucalyptic, pre-apocalyptic neuvo classic charismatic flyin’ purple people eater bush rave-up Happening before-during-and-after-pArty, featuring the crackest squad of musical mavericks yet assembled in The Sup’, with WILD, FUNNER FUN as commonominator: o yeah baby….it’s PRIMAL SCREAM! FOUR TET! GRIMES! SPIRITUALIZED! SUNNYBOYS! TURBONEGRO! And a ZILLION other ZINGERS… please read on for details. More tea, Vicar?

Meredith 2012 is the Same Perfect Size and Same Price As Last Year (and the year before for that matter). Still proudly BYO, with No Commercial Sponsors, the No D!ckhe@d Policy, a One-Stage-Fits-All Policy, world’s-best-practice facilities and amenities, a newly-curated Catering LineUp, plus new and improved campgrounds for More Space and Time. The Ecoplex Cinema, Eric’s Terrace, The Meredith Eye, Pink Flamingo Bar, Inspiration Point, Sunset Strip, The World Famous Meredith Gift, Master Song’s Tai Chi Masterclass, SportsField, CleanUp Songs and all the Marvelocities of the purpose-built Funpark that is the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre in career-best condition.

Best chance for tickets is to enter the Ballot at before 10pm Tuesday 21 August. Round One has been drawn and results hit inboxes Wednesday 15 August. Round Two results out Thursday 23 August.

Who? Or what? Wild fun is the wavelength. Supreme Bespoke Pirate Radio experienced live in 4D over 3 Daze and 2 Nites with channel changes from a slippery dial. No static. Everything ecstatic.

Primal Scream
A verrrrry special Satdee Nite Happening amongst the Ghost Gums and giant Cypress Pines. Bringing the churches of dance and rock together in holy harmony, the Primals will give out hymns like Movin’ On Up, Come Together, Rocks, Loaded, Country Girl and masses more. Their acid-rave rock masterpiece Screamadelica is a true landmark of modern music. Testify.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Meredith. One of the planet’s most transformative live experiences: a laser-guided sermon delivered from on high by the almighty lord of space-rock Jason Spaceman. Another ultimate dream come true for Postcode 3333.

Four Tet
One of the Greats of The Modern Era. From headphone masterworks to club bangers, his evolution as an artist has been A Joy to hear. Seven classic albums of his own and collaborations with the likes of Burial, Thom Yorke, Aphex Twin, Madlib & J Dilla. He will be live in The Sup’ late Friday night.

The Apocalypse Dudes are back! The most destructive rock’n’roll band in recent memory. Big hair blare, hard rock trash and flash – this is THE band many Meredithians have been waiting for. First Australian tour in nearly a decade.

Everybody’s favourite maverick riverboat queen GRIMES will be mooring at Meredith for the night. Friday night. Can’t stop dancing to this.

I feel like just saying “Australia’s most special band”. A treat so rare we thought it would never happen. Meredith will be their first show in Victoria for 21 years! All four original members, of course. Alone With You, Happy Man, You Need A Friend and so many more. It takes genius and time. The Sunnyboys have both. Real.

Omar Souleyman
Began his astounding career in Syria recording his style of traditional Arab dance music onto cassettes which were then only available to the married couple whose weddings he would perform at. The tapes attracted a cult following and soon enough he was touring the world, feted as exotic party-starter supreme. Sure to be one of the wildest moments The Sup’ has experienced.

Turning 20 next year – Meredith marks their last month as a teenaged band. Black Bugs, ! (The Song Formerly Known As), I thingoed A Lot Of thingo, Polyester Girl, Kong Foo Sing, Fat Cop, I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff, Everyday Formula, Blubber Boy, Couldn’t Do It ….Yeah you can.

Big Jay McNeely
Sax honkin’ legend. Had his first hit back in 1948. Six decades later, in his mid-80s and still one of world’s hottest live acts. Big Jay’s brutal blurt and horny honking horn will blow the roof off da sucka even though we don’t have one.

Chet Faker
Chet Faker is 23-year-old Melbournian Nick Murphy. His bedroom rendition of No Diggity was the internet’s biggest song for a while there. Followed up with some killer originals. Let’s get lost.

Rahzel & DJ JS-1
Something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. The legendary Human Beatbox, the ultimate manmade beat machine. Seems impossible, but it’s all him. A former member of The Roots, has worked with everyone from Ol’ Dirty Bastard to Bjork. After he slays the Amphi there’ll be a thousand attempted mimics in the campgrounds confusing the cicadas.

Might look like Tame Impala inside-out but Pond is its own thing: a sprawling, shamanistic-wigout-with-pop-chops-to-boot. An impulsive, unrestrained rock’n’roll decadence thing. So good you’ll follow them home across the Nullarbor.

Loved, for good reason. Tuneful, clever pop music. One of the Garden State’s finest and with a few massive international tours under their belt they’ve never have been so Supernat-ready.

J.B. Smoove
We know him as Leon Black from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Remember the moment Larry met Leon? Expect something similar when J.B. hosts Sunday and The Gift. Amusement from bemusement. Def Comedy Jam.

Get up offa that thing and get into the groove – it’s the hardest working band in local soul – Saskwatch. A Golden favourite returning. What’s the polar opposite of abominable?

Hot Snakes
San Diego rock’n’roll royalty right here. Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Night Marchers and Off! make up just a portion of their pedigree. VVRRROOOOOOOMMM. And sssssssssssss.

Friends from school spending their spare time making music. Dreamy, compelling, wonderful music. Katch them while you kan.

DJ Yamantaka Eye (The Boredoms)
“Cult hero” is understating Yamantaka Eye. Bandleader of Japan’s unexplainable Boredoms, dada art proponent and one of the freakiest DJs to do it. No rules apply.

Riders in the cosmic sky, heavy as hell. A psychedelic power trio free of Earth’s gravitational pull charging off beyond time and space on Friday evening.

Toot Toot Toots
A spaghetti-western rock opera; a raucous rolling thunder revue. Bar room heroes. Has to be done, too much fun.

The Meredith Sky Show
Looks likely to make a return this year. Doesn’t happen every year, only when there’s a good idea (at the time). This year’s idea is simple, and striking. And very precise.

A prodigious torch singer turned exotic pop slinger. Sophia is Brous and so is her band. Streamers was one of the great local songs in recent times. Many mour where that came from.

Bitter Sweet Kicks
Lone soldiers in the civil fight between north and south. Rock’n’roll from The Wrong Side. One of the most (hyper) active groups on the circuit. Probly kicked out some jams at your local.

The Town Bikes
Special Gift Mistresses The Town Bikes have been marshalling The Meredith Gift spectacularly for nearly a decade. This year there is talk of the Gift running track going AROUND the crowd in the Amphitheatre. AROUND it! Controversial.

Running Melbourne’s early hours discotheques of late. Harvey, Sweeney and now Otologic. There is a great lineage there and the late late late show is this duo’s speciality.

Angus Sampson
Doing something.

Fraser A Gorman & Big Harvest
Uncle Doug answered the door a few years ago wearing a Meredith T-shirt. Young pizza delivery guy: “Oh, do you go to Meredith?” Uncle Doug eventually disclosed his involvement in organising it. Pizza kid: “Do you want your pizza for free?!” “Ahh, so you play in a band do you?” Three years on, Fraser gets a Guernsey.

Royal Headache
Returning for their second Supernatural appearance. Sydney’s unlikely soul-punks. That’s a fusion we can all dig. Singalong or pogo. Ibuprofen.

City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band
Now over 125 years old, and a popular fixture at Meredith since 2005. Starting with a march through the campsite, incorporating the Bugle Corp, then onto stage for a romp through old and new hits. Those magnificent men and women in their almost-flying machine.

Primal Scream * Spiritualized * Four Tet * Turbonegro * Grimes * Sunnyboys
Omar Souleyman * Regurgitator * Big Jay McNeely * Chet Faker * Rahzel & DJ JS-1 * Pond * Twerps * Saskwatch * Hot Snakes * Snakadaktal * DJ Yamantaka Eye * J.B. Smoove * Earthless * Toot Toot Toots * Meredith Sky Show * Brous * Bitter Sweet Kicks * The Town Bikes * Otologic * Fraser A Gorman & Big Harvest * Angus Sampson * Royal Headache * City Of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band * Silence Wedge

…all that and a small clump more in a month or so.