Meredith Music Festival 2013 – First Artist Announcement!

Meredith23. For the very first time. Three daze and two nites in 4D at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, with all the (un)usual trappings. Plus! One of the greatest hitmakers in music history and his uber-band playing two hours of live funky disco r’n’b pop soul rolled gold heaven, to crown Saturday Nite Like Never Before. And! Something heavier, slower and more innovative than just about Anything.

Did you know there’s a widely-held belief that of all the happenings and events that occur in the known universe, most are directly connected to the number 23?? These Happenings include “Ballot Open“, “CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers”, “Melvins” and “full lineup in 23 days*”.

Meredith Music Festival 23
December 13, 14 and 15, 2013
Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, Meredith Victoria, Australia


Wild Fun is what we seek. Supreme Bespoke Live Pirate Radio is the wavelength. The Full LineUp will be out in a few weeks, but for now, to celebrate The Opening of The Ballot, here’s TWO of the wonderful artists performing:


aaaAAAHHH FREAK OUT! One of the greatest shows in the world of popular funky music. An Epic Groove Marathon of bona fide solid gold hit-hit-hits. These. Are. The. GOOD TIMES! After Nile stepped off stage at Golden Plains Sixxx having left The Sup’ a joyous mesmerised mess, he asked if he could come back and do it again – “every show is special but that was ‘spiritual’”. Well it turned out he had a bit on, so it took a little longer, but it is Happening, and if you didn’t see it, my lawd you’re in for a MASSIVE TREAT. Stacks of killer hits for you live in deep-and-wide 4D, from Chic’s ultimate disco bombshells through decades of bona fide blockbusters from the genius mind of Nile.


Prepare yourself for one of the most inventive and heavy musical experiences the Supernatch has ever seen. Creators of the most mythologised rock since the fall of the Berlin wall. Some know it as stoner-doom-grunge. Some call it sludge. For the first time in Postcode 3333…it’s…(THE)… MELVINS! As the dust settles on the rock soundscape of the last few decades, the word MELVINS appears bigger and bigger.

Kurt Cobain co-produced their classic Houdini, and they blazed the trail for what underground rock could be in the 90s, yet they remain peerless and unsurpassed today, continuing to warp minds via albums like Heavy Puke, Pigs Of The Roman Empire and most recently Everybody Loves Sausages. Collaborations with Jello Biafra, Mike Patton and Tool have also borne delicious strange fruit. Get up the front and let King Buzzo and buddies take you through much of their ever-(mind)expanding catalogue of bizarro-hits.


The more things change the more they stay the same. Meredith started in 1991 as an end-of-year party in the bush for about 200 friends, dreamt up Purely For Fun. A celebration of music, nature, friends and humanity in all its four-dimensional glory. It’s been our solemn duty in the 22 years since to preserve and protect that original spirit and ethos. So Meredith23 will have – as always – One Stage that Fits All, BYO, no commercial sponsors, the No D!ckhe@ds Policy, plenty of time and Space for camping and everything else that keeps Meredith Meredithy.


It is paramount that Meredith is the right size; to that end this year there will be 500 less people there.


The Subscriber Ticket Ballot ensures the majority of tickets go firstly to Subscribers, before the rest go on public sale. There’s two rounds (draws) of The Ballot – on or before August 15 for existing Subs and August 22 for newer Subs. Ballot-winners are emailed a unique Meredith Key for the Online Box Office. There’s only one type of ticket: the Full Meredith Experience (three days and two nights, inc. camping and parking); they are $309 + $10 booking. Ballot and Online tickets via Registered Post are an additional $7.