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Video Feature | Meredith -‘Jumpin Beds’

Always unpredictable yet consistent in her approach, Brisbane singer/songwriter Meredith is one of the alternative pop world’s most enthralling new muses. Effortlessly fusing lo-fi indie pop production and folk influenced lyricism, her recent single ‘Jumpin Beds’ proved to be a flawless introduction to the mysterious new artist, and its accompanying music video is now here to give a further glimpse into Meredith’s world.

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Incubus + Antemasque + Le Butcherettes announce Soundwave Sidewaves


Iconic rock gods, INCUBUS are unparalleled in their ability to shift moods and textures at the drop of a dime, proving that they have become a rare thing: a modern rock band that actually grows and improves with each album. Through their double decade-long rise to the top, INCUBUS have notched up over 13 million album sales and have amassed an arsenal of sing-a-long hits including Drive, Nice To Know You, Wish You Were Here, Are You In?, Pardon Me, Megalomaniac, A Certain Shade Of Green… come on, you know you’re guilty of belting out any one of these tunes on a drunken Karaoke night!.
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Live Review – Phil Jamieson & Scott Russo at Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – December 21, 2014

Review by David Jackson
Phil Jamieson & Scott Russo at Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
What do you get when you combine one of Australia’s best front men in the past 15 years and a former lead singer of a well-known international punk/rock band? Well on Sunday night the smell of sweat from long time music fans was obvious in the air as this question was answered. Phil Jamieson lead singer of Australian band Grinspoon and Scott Russo the Unwritten Law front man brought their acoustic Christmas extravaganza to the Novocastrians. Jamieson and Russo were first introduced to each other’s talent on the 1999 Warped Tour. They have remained close mates since.
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Live Review – Dead Letter Circus + Sleepmakeswaves at Metro Theatre, Sydney – December 19, 2014

Words and Pics by Ben Hosking – www.hoskingindustries.com.au
Dead Letter Circus at Metro Theatre, Sydney
What a way to close out the gigging year: a headlining shot from Dead Letter Circus at Sydney’s venerable Metro Theatre, supported by sleepmakeswaves. Sydney’s 4-piece instrumental act sleepmakeswaves are an interesting proposition, given the lack of a front person. Yet despite the unconventional post-rock style, in the vein of recent acts like Scale the Summit and Russian Circles, the band is keeping the audience’s attention easily – no doubt via their combination of soaring crescendos and delicate, intricate twin-guitar interplay. Tonight is certainly the perfect Aussie prog’ tonic for a hard, working year.
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Live Review – Ben Folds and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall Melbourne – December 20, 2014

Review by: Geoffrey D’Unienville
Ben Folds and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall Mel
“There’s two types of cities, those that have symphony orchestras and those that don’t, the ones that don’t, generally suck.” – Ben Folds

Members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra sit patiently in wait as a bout of applause commences for conductor Nicholas Buc to take the stage, at this point you can tell the crowd is getting excited. Suddenly a rapturous applause echoes throughout Hamer Hall and a sharply suited Ben Folds walks out onto stage.
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Live Review – Ian Anderson at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne – December 15, 2014

Review by Carl Dziunka
Archive image by Stuart Blythe
Ian Anderson

You immediately get a sense that what you are about to see is going to be special when you turn up and the whole front of the venue is obscured by a mass of people eager to get the night started. The majority of the crowd are in the same age bracket and most likely have followed the progression of Jethro Tull across the 46 years they have been playing. There are only a few of the younger generation present and they have probably been brain washed over the years by parents who are avid Tull fans.
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