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The Owls single ‘Kraków’ [Music Stream]

The Owls
Emerging from a 2013 full of writing and touring alongside the likes of The Cribs, The Jezabels, DZ Deathrays, and Ball Park Music,The Owls stand poised to cement themselves as sonic architects with the release of Kraków, the first cut from their forthcoming EP, Own the Streets.
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Casey Barnes releases new single ‘Valentine’ [Official Music Video]

Casey Barnes makes a much anticipated return in 2014 with his first single release ‘Valentine’. This beautiful ballad, which was recorded with his wife Michelle, is a really sweet love song timed perfectly for all the valentines out there with the impending date of Feb 14th fast approaching. This will be the first single off his forthcoming EP due for release in the next few months.
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Jeff Martin and Sarah McLeod announce ‘Man The Life Boats’ tour

jeffA musical coupling of tremendous proportions, The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, and Sarah McLeod announce the ‘Man The Life Boats’ tour, with a run of exclusive dates early 2014.

The pair met in late 2012 and performed a one-off acoustic set that ignited the spark to record together when they both had time outside of their own projects. Fast-forward 12 months later, and the pair are currently in Martin’s Byron Bay studio and hinting at a possible album collaboration.
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Album Review | The Jezabels – The Brink

JezabelsWhen The Jezabels’ released their debut LP Prisoner in 2011 it quickly received critical acclaim. The success of Prisoner elevated the band to new heights, and with that raised success came extensive touring – both nationally and internationally.

In January 2014, The Jezabels’ will release their new album The Brink, and a solid offering it is. Recorded in London and produced by Dan Grech-Marguerat (Moby, Scissors Sisters, Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, The Vaccines, The Kooks), the band have refined elements of their sound and strengthened the clarity, bringing a more natural live show feel to the album. Moving through soaring highs and delving brooding lows and back again, the album seems to reflect the bands inner space and mindset. Introspective, romantic, reflective.
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Live Review | Big Day Out 2014 – Sydney

Review by Scott Singh
Pearl jamCome Australia Day, traditionally there will be a BBQ set up in the backyard with the Hottest 100 playing all afternoon. Or rather than that the family will be taken out for some inspiring journey to revitalize the bunch after the recent holiday celebrations. Though, while others were off to their own devices, many faithful punters attended the Sydney Showground in preparation for BDO. With fans as varied as the artist playing today. This day out offered its signature range of music genres to accommodate for everyone’s taste in music.
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Live Review: Big Day Out 2014 – Melbourne

Review by Ben Connolly
Pearl Jam - Photo Credit: Kane HibberdThere was already a significant amount of water flowing under the bridge by the time Flemington’s famous iron gates were flung open for this year’s Melbourne chapter of the Big Day Out. With ownership wrangling continuing into a second year, a buy-out by one of Australian music’s most polarising characters, a line-up to end all line-ups only to be tarnished late in the day by the pull out of Blur, and now speculation that the national festival will once again be curtailed by Perth’s inability to get its shit together as a cultural collective. In some ways, 11am on the Friday before the long weekend was a welcomed event, if only to end the continual news feed of the daily life of Australia’s biggest orgy of rock.
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Live Review: The Lumineers @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – January 18, 2014

Review by Heather Lloyd
LumineersFrom the opening strums of Wesley Shultz’s guitar, the old-timey crowd that had packed out the Tivoli was mesmerized. The stage was scattered with instruments – folksy staples like the mandolin, cello, glockenspiel, accordion, kick drum – with a large black and orange piano sitting front and center. The Lumineers sauntered onstage to thunderous applause, opening the night with a mildly popular, but incredibly catchy song, “Submarines”. This was quickly followed by “Ain’t Nobody’s Problem”, which, like most of the setlist, was unfamiliar to the audience but had a chorus that was repetitive enough for the audience to sing along with mild direction from Schulz. From there, the band was a seamless delight of instrument swapping suspender snapping and fedora twirling. Halfway through the set, Schultz requested that the audience “put away your cellphones”, trying to evoke a feeling of “all-togetherness” as they prepared to play their signature tune “Ho Hey!” As Schultz crooned the first verse, the audience, eyes closed, sang along. Couples held each other, rocking together, cell phones stowed away.
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