Photos and Review | Spiderbait live at the Deni Ute Muster, Deniliquin NSW – October 4, 2014

Photographer: David Jackson – Winding Creek Photography & Art
Words – David Jackson
Spiderbait - Deni Ute Muster, Deniliquin NSW

Aussie rockers Spiderbait, consisting of the original trio of bass guitarist Janet English, singer-drummer Mark “Kram” Maher and guitarist Damian Whitty, took to the stage at the Deni Ute Muster with plenty of attitude.

“I know we have a lot of country artists here Deni but are you ready to rock?” yells Maher to the crowd and it’s obvious that they are.

Their set was tight, rocking and with highlights including “Jesus” and “F..ken Awesome” they were certainly a crowd pleaser.

As expected the set finished with the bands biggest hit “Black Betty”. The 30’s classic reinvented in the 70’s by Ram Jam and then re-worked by Siderbait in 2004, had everyone up and jumping, with many of the famous Deni blue singlets waving in the air. The song also highlighted the individual brilliance of Maher on drums, English on bass and the master craftsman Whitty on guitar.

There is no doubt that Spiderbait’s set left a lasting impression for everyone at the muster. We can’t wait to see them performing again soon!

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