Live Review: Corn Liquor @ The Joynt, Brisbane 1 Aug 2009

by Lisa Lamb

Corn Liquor
[Photo: Shawn Riley]
  Corn Liquor are four hard drinking, hard playing, good ol’ boys. If only they had chicken wire up I’d think I was in the deep south with the good old blues brother boys.

This was the busiest I had ever seen the Joynt with wall to wall people, moving, grooving and shaking their ass off to some fine rock a billy style. The first half consisted of all original tracks, followed by a very cool version of AC/DC‘s Jailbreak

played with a double bass, not sure what Bon Scott would have thought of that, he would have probably had another drink and kept partying.

This is a very charismatic band especially Toby on bass who manages to knock over the lead singer Pete’s beer twice, almost hit him in the head with the bass and almost disconnect his guitar. Now that’s a way to get yourself noticed! Though it might evoke some band rivalry.

The second half was the Johnny Cash Tribute

Johnny Cash was an American singer/songwriter his music is mainly known as country though Cash manages to cross genres and making him one of few artists recognised by both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He is as hip now as ever, partially due to due to re-inventing his career in the mid nineties (in his sixties) by working with Rick Rueben, better known for rap and hard rock and by recording songs such as Trent Reznors – Hurt which achieved critical and popular acclaim for Cash’s passionate delivery. As well as the interest gained by the movie “Walk the Line” and the many, many cover versions of Cash’s songs. Of which Corn Liquor perform twenty.

The real life adventures of Johnny Cash are almost as legendary as his music and Corn Liquor deliver quite an extensive and various selection including Don’t Take Your Guns to Town and Ghost Riders in the Sky, as well as the classics Ring of Fire, Walk the Line and Boy Named Sue, plus many more. They even had one of the bar staff Holly jump up to sing duet on Jackson, which was one of the highlights of the show.
Corn Liquor are such an energetic band on stage who clearly love what they do, and have many fans who do as well. Early in the evening they stated they would sing your favourite Johnny Cash song plus a few you may not know were Johnny Cash, but may also like as well, and they did. This was a superb night of entertainment from some talented musicians.

by Lisa Lamb

Corn Liquor "Highway number 1"