Live Review | Ball Park Music + Millions + Pluto Jonze @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – September 26, 2014

Review by Scott Singh.

Ball Park Music
The night was young and many punters needed a musical fix, one that would take them to their highest highs and in the next minute bring them back to earth. Luckily The Enmore Theatre was housing a trio of musical talents that could perform such an act.

Welcoming the audience of the night was a job left to Pluto Jonze and it was a challenge that was readily embraced by the artist. Always energetic and willing to put that little extra twist in his performances, Pluto set the status quo quite high for the night.

Outfitting the stage with his dated monitors and theremin (which took center stage) the night started with an outburst of screams for Pluto’s signature sound. Upbeat songs with catchy piano melodies saw movement at the fringe of the crowd that followed all the way to the rear.

The most recognisable number Eject came to life with the aid of the monitors displaying the sampled text, which brought forward a great visual element to the act and really played onto the image surrounding Pluto.

Next we come to the slick rollers Millions, who instead of raging into the first track, decided to play it cool and prepare the crowd for their enchanting sound. Probably not delivering the amount of energy the crowd were yearning for, but this fact would later serve to be an act of grace before the headlining act came on.

Playing into their cool persona, the band dropped a little treat by nailing a righteous little number by the name of Unchained Melody. The sheer power behind Dominic Haddad’s voice leaves for only one thing to be said. That boy can sing.

With the main act about to take to the stage, many members in the crowd prepared themselves with their 3D glasses and in that moment Ball Park Music appeared in full force. Having recently played ‘Splendour In The Grass’, the band somehow managed to fit all the intensity of that set into The Enmore Theatre.

Sam Cromack lead the crowd through every number, encouraging us all to make the most of the night and let loose as we progressed deeper into the set. The real party starters came off the band’s new album with Trippin’ the Light Fantastic, absolutely killing it.

Not all of the set contained high octane numbers, Surrender brought the climate down within the venue but what was lost in momentum was gained in comradery. An enchanting echo filled the venue as the crowd repeated back every word in harmonic unison.

Coming from this point in the night, the band had to bring all the stops for their encore. Cue an alternative version of Fencesitter with a deadly catchy breakdown and prolonged exit solo. Everyone rocked their hearts out for the final number.

Whether it is the festival stage or an intimate venue like The Enmore, Ball Park Music have such an array of talent. A night with them is a night not wasted.

Review by: Scott Singh

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