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Live Review | Reece Mastin – ‘Wolf In The Woods’ Tour @ Newcastle Panthers – September 26, 2014

Review by David Jackson

Reece Mastin
The Newcastle Panthers auditorium was full of young eager fans on Friday night ready to rock out with Reece Mastin.

Supporting Reece is three piece outfit “The Kin”. This band is solid and entertaining, the fact the drummer does not use sticks, they have no bass and the band opted to move the show to the floor which looked more like a religious chant than a concert only added to the night.
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Live Review | Ball Park Music + Millions + Pluto Jonze @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – September 26, 2014

Review by Scott Singh.

Ball Park Music
The night was young and many punters needed a musical fix, one that would take them to their highest highs and in the next minute bring them back to earth. Luckily The Enmore Theatre was housing a trio of musical talents that could perform such an act.
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Photo Gallery | Ball Park Music + Millions + Pluto Jonze @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – September 26, 2014

Photographer: Maria de Vera Photography

Photographer: Maria de Vera Photography

Ball Park Music – www.facebook.com/ballparkmusic
Millions – www.facebook.com/millionsmusic
Pluto Jonze – www.facebook.com/plutojonze
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
September 26, 2014

Live Review | Robbie Williams ‘Swings Both Ways’ @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre – September 22, 2014

Review by Lauren Sherritt
robbie williams
It’s been six years since Robbie Williams last graced Brisbane’s stages, but the wait was well worth it for fans of the talented pop superstar.

On the back of the 2013 album Swings Both Ways, for the past few months Robbie Williams has been smashing out a world tour of the same name and September has seen Australia’s turn to get in on the swinging action. With shows already played in Perth and Sydney, Brisbane audiences were thrilled to pack out two shows this week at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
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Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun – “King of the Moon” Video + Tour Dates

Horror-surf rockers Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun are back with the video to their second single from newly released EP, Odd/Even. The swampy, blues track titled ‘King Of The Moon’ starts off with lumbering shuffled drums, a rolling bassline and cutting guitar hooks. The guitars quickly pick up the pace into a distorted driving blues jam as the fiery vocals rant about being the king of nothing – a satire on individuals who pride themselves on trivial things, all while being matched with a fitting psychedelic video. ‘King of the Moon’ was recorded and produced by Chris Rollans (Lanie Lane – To The Horses) at Rec Studios. The band’s very own frontman, Jack Booker, can take a bow for directing and producing the new clip – bravo!
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Live Review | The Rise Of Brotality Tour @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney – September 14, 2014

Review by Scott Singh
the ghost inside
Not many people can say they’ve spend a good chunk of their Sunday night listening to a diverse group of metal & hardcore acts. Luckily, the faithful who venture out to The Hi-Fi in Sydney don’t have that problem. Bands from three nations united to put on an impressive display of talent and vigor. It proved to be one of the best nights held at The Hi-Fi.

First up and unfortunately for the last time, Heights appeared on stage to let loose a relentless barrage of deep growls and prolonged chugging. The band gave off an aura of indifference, really not giving a damn for the stage, the setting or the venue. It was their last time to perform for their fans and they made sure the night would be owned by them and them alone.
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