EP Review: Born Lion – “Born Lion”

Although the individual members of this outfit have previous experience in the music scene, Born Lion have a short history as a musical project. The first three tracks of this release are punchy, punk, danceable and aggressive. The last two tracks contrast with the first three to the extent that a question of musical direction needs to be asked. What is Born Lion trying to achieve through this self-titled release? If it is a matter of getting their material out and listened to, then this is a great release. The EP is raw and filled with incredible talent that simply needs to be refined. This EP is a demonstration of what Born Lion will become and what they have to offer as an outfit.

This EP debut ticks a lot of essential boxes, for example, hard and fast rock/punk, danceable tunes, and explosive vocals. However, it fails to ignite beyond these elements. That said, Born Lion demonstrate through this EP the solid foundations that they possess to continue building on this debut. Putting everything into context, for a young band formed approximately a little over a year ago, the EP hits the mark, but leaves space for more improvement which will come as the band grows.