Album Review: Madre Monte – “Raza:Madre”

Melbourne has been responsible for constantly producing great bands over the years. Madre Monte upholds this responsibility alive and well with their latest EP Raza:Madre.

The influx of Colombian migrants into Australia over the last decade has seen an outpouring of cultural exchange, in particularly, musical exchange that it is beginning to fit seamlessly into the Australian musical landscape. Madre Monte formed in Melbourne, but their origins begin in Cali, Colombia, and it is from here that this beautiful music takes its cue. What makes this release so special is that Madre Monte mixes English and Spanish lyrics quite easily making their music very accessible to the wider Australian music audiences.

Madre Monte opens up a whole new world of Latin American rhythms to Australian audiences through Raza:Madre. Cumbia and other Colombian rhythms have only recently arrived in Australia and Raza:Madre is a unique starting point for anyone exploring Colombian music.

In the midst of completing a residency at the Espy Hotel at St Kilda, Madre Monte will soon start to turn more heads across Australia. Watch them live in their first Sydney and Canberra shows in September/October 2013 and experience their contagious grooves.

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