THE DELTA RIGGS new single ‘Supersonic Casualties’ (Official Music Video)

Renowned for pumping out high-energy jams & ferocious live shows, Melbourne genre-benders The Delta Riggs traveled to NYC late last year to showcase their wares for the industry gold fish bowl know as CMJ Music Marathon.
Amongst the sweaty shows & electric nightlife, the birthplace of hip-hop had a profound effect on the band, returning home to record the follow up to their 2013 debut, Hex.Lover.Killer, with new beats & the intoxication of the city still buzzing through their veins.

Easing off the gas from their usual breakneck pace, The Delta Riggs have dropped ‘Supersonic Casualties’, the deliciously groovy 1st cut from their forthcoming 2nd album Dipz Zebazios. Where Hex.Lover.Killer drew highly from darker earthbound energies & ethereal journeys, Dipz Zebazios provides a more boisterous, off the cuff and tripped out party atmosphere.
‘Supersonic Casualties’ seems an apt title for these intrepid musical wanderers & the accompanying clip sees them embark on an epic odyssey through intergalactic psychedelia.

Frontman Elliott Hammond admits “It’s a definite sonic shift for us”, although he adds “it’s also something that we wanted to do to challenge
ourselves and in turn, those who might not expect this from the band”.

Supersonic Casualties is a bold step on this young band’s career, and an insight into what we can expect from the forthcoming, Dipz Zebazios. “It’s meant to be fun” quips Hammond with a wry smile, as the band disappears onstage to tear the roof of another unsuspecting venue…